There’s a Major Difference Between Meghan Markle’s and Kate Middleton’s Wedding Invites

Price Harry and Meghan Markle just sent out their wedding invitations, and here is everything you need to know about them.

Set to wed May 19 of this year, the happy couple officially sent out their wedding invitations this week. Kensington Palace confirmed invitations were on their way and even revealed the invitations to the public on Twitter.

About 600 people will be receiving one of these royal invitations, as that’s how many people are reportedly invited to the wedding. The ceremony will take place at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle followed by a lunchtime reception at St. George’s Hall hosted by the queen. But not everyone with an invitation is invited to the after party: Only 200 guests are invited to a reception hosted by Prince Charles at Frogmore House later on.

Now back to the wedding invitations themselves. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been taking a more untraditional approach to their royal engagement and everything they’ve done differently from Prince William and Kate Middleton has been analyzed and re-analyzed and analyzed some more; their wedding invitations were no exception.

People have already begun to compare their wedding invitations to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s from 2011, and there are a few major differences between the two. The first is the design: William and Kate’s had the reigning monarch’s crest at the top, while Harry and Meghan’s has the feathered badge of the Prince of Wales. Kate was referred to as ‘Miss’ Catherine Middleton, while Meghan was referred to as ‘Ms.’ Meghan Markle (many are speculating this is an acknowledgment of Meghan’s divorce).

The second major difference is who sent the invitations: Royal couples don’t send out their own wedding invitations like us mere peasants. When you’re royal, invitations are sent on the behalf of a member of your royal family. William and Kate’s invitation was sent on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II. Their invitation from 2011 read, ‘The Lord Chamberlain was commanded by The Queen to invite ______.’

Harry and Meghan’s is less formal and sent on behalf of Harry’s father, Prince Charles. Their invitation reads, ‘His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, K.G., K.T., requests the pleasure of the company of ______.’ Although dress code is the same, it’s also reported Harry and Meghan have a few untraditional plans in store for their wedding, such as having Meghan’s mother walk her down the aisle. It’s easy to compare the two royal brothers, but it’s important to keep in mind Prince William is currently second in line to become king, after his father. Harry, on the other hand, has much less pressure being sixth in line after William and Kate’s third child arrives in April. When there’s a good chance you’ll be king, there probably isn’t as much wiggle room to break with tradition.

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