Watch Dave Grohl And Daughter Violet Perform A Stirring Cover Of Adele’s ‘When We Were Young’

Dave Grohl took time out of the Foo Fighters world tour on May 12 to headline a benefit concert for the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. And he was accompanied by some special guests for some of his songs.

The benefit concert for the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital consisted of Grohl performing an acoustic set of some of the Foo Fighters’ favourite songs. Some of the songs he performed were My Hero, Everlong, Learn To Fly and many more. After performing some pieces of his own act, he brought out one of his daughters to perform with him.

Grohl’s 12-year-old daughter, Violet, joined her father on stage to perform a rendition of When We Were Young by Adele. Before Grohl began playing the cover duet he told the audience a story about his daughter. “I remember her saying, ‘Dad, you’re not even the best singer in the family,’” Grohl recounted. “And she’s right!”

After fans have seen this video online they can’t stop talking about how talented Violet is. YouTube user “LeAvE it to WeAvEr” commented, “Omg Dave! You’re in for it because that girl had GOT IT. She’s amazing!” And YouTube user Carrie Alexander commented, “She was a very good but my favourite part was watching Dave’s face when she hit some of those notes. What a huge pride-filled smile!”

Yet that wasn’t the only surprise that Grohl had for the audience on May 12. He ended up also bringing out his 9-year-old daughter, Harper, for a couple of songs. Violet and Harper sang the Foo Fighters’ song The Sky Is A Neighborhood with their father. Then Harper jumped on the drums and left the singing to Violet and her father for a cover of We Will Rock You by Queen.

Just like with the cover Violet and her father did, fans flocked to boast their opinions on the three of them together. A YouTube user commented on this fan-recorded video, saying, “Cannot wait to see what happens in the future, these girls are going to be amazing, I hope they stick with rock.” And YouTube user “Dagzilla brofist” commented, “I hope one day these two young Grohl’s start a band and play music like their dad.”

This wasn’t the only time that Harper has been brought out to perform with her father. Back in 2017, she came out to play the drums during a Foo Fighters Concert in Greece. Once again she performed the drums for a cover of Queen’s We Will Rock You and she rocked it just as much as she did this year.

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