25 Times People Shopped Online While Drunk And Regretted It Deeply

There are those of us who don’t enjoy those crazy nights out, drinking with friends. Those people find that crazy things happen and they are not for it. Then there are those who LOVE those crazy nights out on a Saturday night. They embrace the crazy things that happen to them.

Just like you should never come close to car keys when you are drinking, you should also never come close to a computer…or phone. Any type of technology to be honest. More specifically, online shopping, while you are intoxicated, is a dangerous, dangerous combination.

Believe it or not, texting your ex while drunk doesn’t even compare to online shopping while you are drunk. There are people who got a purchase of Amazon, for example, and then the next day regretted it big time. Problem is, they don’t even remember making those specific purchases.

If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, check out these 25 examples of people who shopped online and regretted it DEEPLY.

1. The first is this person. Clearly, they were in the mood to get a new shower curtain when they were intoxicated. I mean, looks cool but probably wouldn’t have been my first choice…personally.

2. When you are drunk, you tend to make decisions that you might feel bad about the next day. This guy, in particular, got the Dominos guy to go and pick him up a McDonald’s as well in the ‘special instructions’ section. Hopefully, he gave him a great tip for doing that. Poor guy!

Reddit @Slapded

3. This frat house decided to purchase a nice little couch for their cat while they were highly intoxicated. For them? It probably wasn’t the smartest because it takes up some pointless room. But for the cat? Hey, I’m sure it wasn’t complaining about having its very own full couch to lounge on. So guess it was a bittersweet kind of purchase.

4. You have to make sure your roommate isn’t near a computer when they are drunk, because whatever they purchase for the house you have to live with it. This person, in particular, decided to be artsy while drunk and purchased this painting for the living room. I mean, it’s kinda funny but is it really necessary? Probably not…

Reddit @trizdizzle

5. This is probably the BEST drunken purchase anyone could ever get. I mean, some might be angry they did it for an hour or two because puppies are a ton of work, but still amazing nevertheless. Redditor Oursisthefury528 submitted this, writing “My mom got drunk last night and bought my family a third dog. Everybody meet Hudson”.

Reddit @Oursisthefury52

6. Everyone seems to absolutely adore their animals when they are intoxicated. I mean, you should always love your animal, but when you are drunk emotions are heightened. This person decided to show their pet toad just how much they love it by purchasing 100 top hats online…unintentionally.

7. I think there are some who will agree this online purchase was just pure genius. Then there are some who will agree that this drunken online purchase was a complete mistake. Either way this person did it and are owning up to it. They fully hung it up in the shower!! The color works with the bathroom, right?

Reddit @rickysauce36

8. Redditor educatedpenguin shared this photo of their adorable puppy and his new socks. They wrote, “When I was drunk I bought my dog socks off eBay”. I wouldn’t call this a regretful online purchase while drunk, because this dog looks absolutely adorable! The only person who’s regretting it might be the dog. Not all of them like socks!

Reddit @educatedpenuin

9. This reddit user purchased massive googly eyes for their car. It’s crazy how creative juices really start flowing when people have the assistance of alcohol. This person seems to love these googly eyes, but I think the majority of us would say that this is something that should be regretted. It can scare people on the road!

10. Someone’s wife got really drunk and she figured she had a celebrity crush on Nicholas Cage. So, naturally, she decided to go for it and purchase a massive pillowcase with his photo on there. This girl’s partner is going to have to suck it up and sleep on that pillow as well. Oh boy.

Reddit @Tilwhofarted

11. Reddit user Goulcher submitted this photo of their cat in a house. They wrote, “Got drunk on Amazon and bought the cat a house”. I mean, the only person who is truly winning this decision is the cat, let’s be honest. Depending on how pricey this wooden house was, that will determine if the buyer is winning.

Reddit @goulcher

12. This might be one of the most hilarious drunk purchase anyone has ever decided to do. This person got a dinosaur hat for their pug. Reddit user cookieearthquake submitted this photo, writing “Went online-shopping while drunk…Now I own a Jurassic pug”. This is probably the most hilarious and adorable looking thing I’ve ever seen!

Reddit @Cookieearthquake

13. Redditor UsedCheese submitted this photo of their blue car, writing “Sober me got a present from drunk me”. Anyone who’s seen the film “Cars” knows that this person has made the car look like a Pixar character. At least they didn’t glue it on or anything crazy like that while intoxicated.

Reddit @UsedCheese

14. Fenix679 submitted this colorful photo on reddit. They captioned the photo, “While drunk, I somehow found and bought 8lbs of cereal Marshmallows”. In the moment this probably was the most useless, unnecessary purchase ever. But waking up, sober, with two massive bags of cereal marshmallows is probably the best feeling. Ever.

15. Again, when you are drunk you tend to enjoy the random, useless things in life. That stuff tends to excite you. This person decided it was crucial to go on Amazon and purchase Unicorn farts. Did they need it? No. Did they want it? Clearly. I’m sure it was a good laugh the next morning. I guess that’s all that truly matters.

16. Reddit user Beekaylounge submitted this photo of an adorable piggy. They wrote, “Hey Bud, I got really drunk and bought a pig last night. Her name is Carol. Come over and meet her”. I would be so happy if my friend did this while drunk…in fact, I probably would have encouraged it. This is the cutest mistake of a purchase ever.

Reddit @Beekaylounge

17. “My buddy got drunk and ordered some shirts with his face on it. He gave them out to 15 friends and the Dave face shirt movement started” (Diiiiirty). If you can get a purchase and start a movement with shirts that have your face on it? I’d say that is a successful drunken purchase. Good job dude…good job.

18. Again, when you get drunk you simply do things you’re not aware of. This person decided to go to his computer or phone and purchase a towel. But not just any towel, a dad bod towel. A towel that has all the celebs that have dad bods. Pretty hilarious. Pretty unnecessary. Pretty random.

Twitter @Idebrouwer

19. Ordering a curtain, or a pillowcase when you are drunk isn’t a big deal for your bank account.  But purchasing an excessive amount of something can be a little pricey. That’s something that you might regret when you are sober. This person decided to order 11.5lbs of cheese. That’s kind of a ton of cheese if you ask me!

Reddit @Phrezy

20. “So, I got blackout drunk at a friend’s 21st last week and bought something at 5:30 am that I didn’t know about until it arrived today. Sober me is very very proud of drunk me” (Thadiwyn). Hey, at least this person is owning up to his purchase and is loving the art that the drunk him got a few nights back. This photo isn’t half bad, don’t you think?

21. It’s important that when you make a drunk Amazon purchase that you own up to it. Fully. This person decided to go for a new look when they were drunk, but hey, at least they have their Halloween costume ready to go for the following year. This person literally looks like they are trying to enter the future…back in the 90’s.

22. Again, this is probably a drunken purchase that was not needed, but pretty hilarious when you are sober and seeing it. This person decided to get a foot mat that gets straight to the point and lets your guests know that you don’t play around. And that people should take you seriously. You don’t mess around.

23. Animal purchases while drunk could be a cute thing, or could be a huge huge mistake. Buying a baby pig or a puppy while drunk is something that you can survive with. However, this person decided to purchase a freaking SCORPION while highly intoxicated. Their friends woke up to this snapchat…Oh boy.

24. Getting outfits while drunk online has proven to be very, very questionable. Reddit user BranDamaged submitted this photo, writing “Best drunk purchase of my life”. This looks like an exclusive fashion shirt that was released in Asia back in 2001. As long as they wear it and rock it…that’s all that matters.

Reddit @BranDamaged

25. Reddit user SarcasticPark submitted this photo, writing, “Best Drunk Impulse Purchase”. People seem to own up to their ridiculous online purchase. This shirt is highly questionable but hey, at least he is wearing it. The question now is…how often will he be pulling out that shirt during social events? Probably only DRUNKEN social events.

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