Instagram Star Accidentally Live Streams Herself Having Sex With Her Boyfriend

Walking in on someone during intercourse is pretty awkward. In fact, it could even be cringe-worthy. But there are worse things that can happen. Like accidentally live-streaming yourself having sex to an audience of thousands of people.

That sounds more like a nightmare than a reality. But sadly for Instagram star Kristen Hancher, that was, unfortunately, the reality. But it was a complete accident. Someone must’ve pressed record on her Instagram story.

If you don’t know who Kristen Hancher is, she’s pretty big in the social media world. She’s 18, born and raised in Canada and has made her mark on the live broadcast network YouNow, and now has about 4 million followers on Instagram.

This probably gives you a good idea of just how embarrassed Hancher was when all this went down. If she had the number of followers I do, this wouldn’t be a big deal.

But this 18-year-old social media star has 4 million followers and 14,000 people were watching this terrible mistake go down.

However, the situation that Kristen experienced could have been far worse. Yes, it’s possible. Luckily, the camera was facing away from the couple.

The audio apparently was enough for people to get uncomfortable. According to We The Unicorns, as soon as fans got what was happening, they sent out comments.

In fact, her fans are so genuine, that they started completely freaking out on her behalf. Sadly, it took Kristen and her boyfriend an entire three minutes before they got what was happening.

That’s three whole minutes of broadcasting sexy noises to thousands of people before realizing that Hancher, along with her boyfriend Andrew Gregory, was not alone.

Her boyfriend is also an up-and-coming social media star. He is best known for the work he is done with Kristen on her social media page (not including the one I’m talking about right now.)

So what exactly do you do when something like this happens? Most of us would probably want to dig ourselves a hole and live in it for a few weeks, hoping everyone will forget.

But not Kristen Hancher. No, this girl handled the entire situation like a complete pro. In fact, I would even go as far as saying that this girl wasn’t even fazed. Not in the least bit.

She told her fans and insisted that she had no clue that she was being filmed. She told her followers, “Whoever saw me live, I just wanna apologize; that was totally NOT intentional.”

She continued saying, “Delete it from your mind. That was super embarrassing and super uncomfortable.” This girl handled the situation pretty maturely. Calm and rational.

In fact, Kristen even took this opportunity to use it as a life lesson not only for herself but for her fans as well. She got pretty philosophical on her social media with this situation.

Kristen wrote, “But for real guys, things happen. Accidents happen. You have to move on and pretend like it never happened and go on with your life. That’s what I’m gonna do.”

She also didn’t take her apology lightly. She continued writing “I apologize to all my fan pages. I know you all have been upset because I never gave you guys a full explanation…”

Kristen even made it a point to go to a few of her fan pages and leave various apology comments. One example is the following: ‘Hope everyone understands it was a total accident.’

Regardless of how uncomfortable people felt with this entire situation, they won’t stop being fans of Kristen and her boyfriend. Her followers just keep growing.

Instagram Star Accidentally Live Streams Herself Having Sex The Fact Ninja

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