New Fourth Type Of Chocolate Has Been Discovered

New Fourth Type Of Chocolate Has Been Discovered

The greatest new discovery known to man has finally come. It is a definitive moment in history that will go down in time as a cornerstone in the science of food. Are you ready for this, kids? Hold on to your bonbons, for the global Barry Callebaut chocolate company has discovered a new kind of CHOCOLATE. Yes!

For the first time in almost 80 years, the company has put a great deal of research into the new plants, and… get this, they found the beans have a naturally pink hue!

Barry Callebaut calls this discovery Ruby Chocolate. They have managed this delightful new culinary experiment by carefully cultivating beans from around the globe. The chocolate has a fruity and berry-type flavour to it that no other kind of chocolate has ever naturally had.

The Barry Callebaut company debuted their chocolate last week, and put together a showcase for media outlets to come to see their new chocolaty innovation.

The press show revealing the new Ruby Chocolate showed off the Barry Callebaut company’s culinary presentation skills, showcasing many different variations, recipes & delectables for anyone to try.

The Barry Callebaut company has meticulously sourced beans from around the globe and cultivated them through trial and error until the perfect color emerged.

The chocolate is said to have a natural berry or fruity type of flavour to it, which does not contain any artificial dyes or sweeteners. 

The chocolate came almost in time for world chocolate day, which is celebrated yearly on July 7th to chocolate lovers everywhere. This year, the Barry Callebaut company celebrated with their CEOs and growers, sharing their mutual love for all things chocolate.

The Ruby Chocolate discovery is one of absolute elegance and culinary excitement. Chefs from around the world are dying to try this new tantalizing sweet.

The chocolate itself has the shade of pink is reminiscent of the color, Schauss pink, which was discovered to have natural calming abilities, and used in some prisons to help calm inmates. We also think the chocolate would be calming too because chocolate is amazing.

There is no word on how soon Ruby Chocolate will be available on the market, so for now, we’ll have to be patient.

New Fourth Type Of Chocolate Has Been DiscoveredBarry Callebaut

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