Tiger Cub Found Stuffed In Gym Bag At US-Mexico Border

It was earlier this month when the United States Border Patrol agents discovered a baby tiger cub, approximately three to four months old, stuffed inside of a gym duffel bag. It was reported by The Express that the United States Customs and Border Protection found an unconscious male tiger cub inside of a duffel bag. The smugglers left the bag behind and fled when they saw the agents.

Smugglers tried to cross the Rio Grande into Texas with a duffel bag when they were spotted by Border Patrol agents. It was on Monday when the agents saw three people near the river attempting to cross into the United States illegally. A statement that was released by the agency said that the three people fled back to Mexico after being spotted.

Irma Chapa, who is the communications director for Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol, went on Twitter to say: ‘not an average day in the field.’ She went on to say that the male cub has been making a speedy recovery and that this is not the first time exotic creatures have been captured by Border Patrol. She tweeted: ‘a a few years ago, the Border Patrol seized some spider monkeys that are still housed at the Gladys Porter Zoo. We are grateful!’

The tiger cub, which was only a few months old, has since been rescued and is now staying at a local zoo where it will move on to a permanent home. According to a report done by CBS News, the male cub is currently being taken care of by the staff at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, which is a facility known for looking after endangered animals.

A spokesperson from the Gladys Porter Zoo tweeted: ‘the tiger cub found at the border in a duffel bag and in poor condition is now under the care of our veterinary staff. Our team acted quickly to stabilize him and he is now doing very well. The next step will be to find him a more permanent home.’

Irma Chapa tweeted an update with a picture of the baby cub which said: ‘UPDATE: Rescued tiger cub expected to make a full recovery! Saved by Brownsville Border Patrol.’ The post has since been liked more than 700 times and more than 300 people have commented on it. One person tweeted: ‘I’m so happy everyone acted fast and helped him.’

In an article done by the NY Post, agent Robert Rodriguez said that the tiger was found unconscious and possibly sedated. A report done in 2015 by a US-based conservation group, Defenders of Wildlife, said that the illegal animal industry around the world is worth more than six billion dollars. Exotic animals which are smuggled in containers, luggage or bags don’t usually survive the brutal trip. Some animals are sedated while other animals perish from a lack of oxygen or other vital necessities.

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