15+ Cats Who Rule Their Homes And Make Their Own Rules

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that cats just kind of do whatever the heck they want. What makes cats even more hilarious, is their ability to make their independence known to the world.

According to Virginia Wells, author at PetPlace.com, “The notion that cats are independent has persisted for centuries. Perhaps this is because cats are solitary predators, unlike dogs who hunt within the pack. Dogs are team players, and their survival depends on it.” Virginia went on to describe feline behavior, stating, “The cat must hunt alone; in fact, feline hunting methods of stalking, hiding, and pouncing would not be successful if performed as a group tactic. Although cats can live in groups, they don’t actually need to.”

Sometimes it almost seems like cats do certain things on purpose. Cat owners can tell you that although they love their feline companions, sometimes cats can be real jerks! The following 15+ cats prove to us all that they are the true rulers of the house!

1) Time For Pie: Sometimes, although we cannot see an actual cat, their presences is very well known to anyone in the house. Especially people who try to make any kind of nice food, or in this case, the crust of a pizza pie.

2) Leave No Glass Unattended: Any person who has a cat as a pet can tell you to never leave your glasses unattended. Cats will always stick their noses in your glass of water, and will even use their paw as a means to draw up water. Watching them lick their paws, although adorable, leaves your water soiled!

3) Working on something? Too Bad: Kitty cats love to lay down on all kinds of paper products. They know you’re working on something, so guess what, they want attention now! Silly kitty.

4) Toilet Paper Nonsense: This ridiculous orange tabby decided to have a little fun with the household toilet paper roll! What a waste!

5) New Blinds? Nah: This little kitty decided to poke a hole through these nice new window blinds! Serves the owners right for changing his nice window view!

6) Bed Hog 1: According to these owners, they bought a brand new doggy bed for their lab, but kitty had a different idea!

7) Here’s A Nice Place To Sleep: This young girl was resting on the couch when silly lady kitty decided the best possible place to put her tooshie was right in this poor girl’s face.

8) Pretzel Cat: Oh what a naughty kitty cat! Somehow, this rascal managed to get inside this large pretzel jar and got stuck.

9) To Hell With Your Lamp: When you have cats, it’s also hard to have nice things. When they’re done cuddling you, perhaps a second later they knock over your entire entertainment system.

10) Trouble With Your TV Signals: You’re sitting down, watching TV with your family, enjoying your favorite program when suddenly the signal drops out. Why? This little joker decided to make a home on your satellite dish! Sneaky kitty!

11) Making A Nice Bed: According to the owner of this cat, he decided to tear up the insulation in the basement to make a bed for himself.

12) To Hell With Your Pizza: This jerk cat decided that he wanted to stay warm by sitting on his owner’s delicious pizza dinner! What a waste!

13) Fabric Ruiner: According to this owner, they had just laid out some fresh fabric to work on a creative project when they came back to find their cat had got dusty paw prints all over it! Shame on you, kitty!

14) Warm Laptop Sits: Better get out your paper towels and computer wipes because this adorable kitty decided to use your personal laptop as a bed!

15) Bed Hog 2: This poor pooch! Not only has his bed been stolen, it’s been stolen by three cats! These feisty felines have no regard for their wooferoo friend!

16) Nom Nom Nom: According to this cat’s owner every time his wife takes home new yoga blocks, their kitty decides to turn them into a tasty snack!

17) Kitty Loves Flowers: This cat decided she liked the flowers so much that she had to knock down and break the vase that they were carried in! Mmmmm tasty flowers.

18) To Heck With Clean Counters: When you own a cat, it’s almost impossible to stop them from lying around on your clean surfaces.

19) Croissants Bandit: This kitty decided that she really wanted the croissants. So she got what she wanted.

20) They Decide When They Want Love: Having cats might seem like a pain for some people, but make no mistake, cats can be very loving and affectionate companions. However, when they do decide that they want love, they’ll do it on their time, not yours!

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