‘Today’ Staffer Dishes On Megyn Kelly Stating That She’s Lost The Support Of Everyone

It appears that Megyn Kelly isn’t winning any popularity contests on the ‘Today’ show anytime soon. The news comes from an unnamed staff member who spoke to the Daily Mail and delivered the scoop on the tension in the aftermath of Matt Lauer’s dismissal from NBC. According to the staff member, Kelly is disliked by the majority of staff members at ‘Today’.

The outrage was sparked after Kelly told viewers that NBC’s decision to fire Lauer was a “sign of progress.” She also stated that she had heard rumours of the ex-anchor’s misconduct. According to the source, these comments were upsetting to many who felt that she was being insensitive to others who had a long-standing relationship with Lauer. The source claims that many people at ‘Today’ were crying and emotionally torn over Lauer’s dismissal.

The source also speculates that Kelly’s remarks were a way to “mark her territory within NBC News.” The source also states that she has “lost the support of everyone” as a result. The source implies that Lauer was a much-liked figure, which is contrary to the allegations that have been brought forth against him.

The source continues by criticizing Kelly for something she “truly has no knowledge of.” The staffer adds that while everyone was upset on Wednesday, Kelly did not spend much time with the staff and chose to make sure that she was the “center of attention.”

Kelly invited Lauer and his accusers to her segment of Today. In an interview that she had with Entertainment Weekly, Kelly told NBC Correspondent Stephanie Gosk about the difficulty of reporting a case about someone that you’ve interacted with for so long.

She said: “You don’t want to be getting that explicit about a colleague that you worked with 24 hours ago. But that’s how we’re going to report it here for you at NBC because that’s our commitment to you – to bring you the truth and to do a full and fair investigation of this story as it comes to us.”

However, the source insists that Kelly has not only been insensitive and opportunistic but that she is also terrible at her job. The source says, “And here’s something we’d like to say about her – she’s terrible on morning television, her show is terrible, her staff thinks she is terrible, in fact, her show should be called Terrible with Megyn Kelly […] They were right over at Fox News, she deserves the nickname ‘Me-Again’ – as it is all about her even though she fails to see that the viewers don’t like her.”

In late November, Lauer released a statement admitting that although he maintains that some of what’s been reported on him is “untrue or mischaracterization, there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed.” He has stated that he regrets his actions and is now taking time off to work on himself.

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