24 Parents Who Prove You Don’t Even Deserve To Complain About Your Day

Social media has basically become a hub of angry parents who complain about their stressful day while looking to be reassured they’re not the only parents out there failing… and they’re not.

Parenting may seem like a collection of mundane and repetitive tasks filling an otherwise uneventful day but the internet has proven that’s definitely not the case; parents have some of the craziest days around!

So if you’re a non-parent about to complain about your day just start doing a casual search of parenting fails and you’ll realize these parents have it way worse… and you should probably stop complaining now.

1. They say the children are our future and this kid proves the future is smart and sneaky and also quite sassy. After this kid was told by their parents that they aren’t allowed to bring their tablet in the kitchen – or food in the living room – he figured out he can still have the best of both worlds even while respecting the boundaries of both of these rules. Kid: 1, Parents: 0.

2. One of the best superficial aspects of having kids is the adorable things you can buy them and force them to wear. Every parent takes advantage of this short space of time where they can dress their kids in anything they want. One parent decided to get her kids “days of the week” socks (necessary and educational!). However, the manufacturers clearly didn’t think this design through after she realized “Saturday” gets cut off to a word she’s not quite ready for her kid to learn yet…

3. Some parents who have bad days can laugh about them…while some parents even turn them into a meme! But sometimes a bad day is just that – a bad day – and they just have to grin and bear it. Take this Twitter user who was left with quite the mess after their daughter spilled their macaroni and cheese all over the inside of the cutlery drawer. That’s worse than the floor!

4. Sometimes kids torture us, and other times they’re the ones who fail in that adorable way that manages to make our days better. One mom got a laugh after opening her daughter’s book bag to find a list of words she spelled “right” and a list of words she spelled “wrong.” Spoiler Alert: she spelled everything “rong.”

5. When you don’t mean to be a bad parent and somehow end up looking like one anyway: “Accidentally sent my son to school with his newly bought ugly Christmas sweater. Didn’t realize what Santa was doing until his kindergarten teacher pointed it out when I picked him up after school.” That’s probably not the best way to get into the teacher’s good books.

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6. One parent was given quite the shock after their kid brought home this class assignment. I mean, if your kid is asked to write down what their mom does best, you’d hope it would be one of the million things you get done around the house or the job you go to every day to put food on the table – not how you spend your few sparing moments to yourself. Especially if that includes sitting on the couch… and texting.

7. Another exhausting thing about kids is how they manage to turn 1 task turn into 3. After allowing their daughter to dress herself up for church, they were left with a kid who was wearing a nightgown under her Sunday best. I mean, you can’t blame the kid for trying to keep her pajamas on for as long as possible. You can, however, blame the kid for causing you the extra work of taking off their attempt at dressing themselves and having to start over.

8. Among the many things kids will remind parents they’re failing at, they always seem to have strong opinions on the grocery shopping. Although one of the many responsibilities of being a parent is trying to find a balance between buying food your kids like and buying food you like (all while trying to buy healthy options), it’s not exactly the easiest task. This parent woke up to a sticky note FULL of complaints on the pretzels they chose to buy.

9. Even when parents try to instill some sense of responsibility in their kids and make them clean their own room they somehow end up regretting it. Kids are so clever these days that they even manage to make parents regret giving them chores! This parent tweeted a photo of what their kid referred to as “carpet fresh” but was really Comet cleaner with bleach. There goes the carpet.

 10. Sometimes kids actually mean well and try to clean their messes and manage to screw that up, too. This Twitter user posted a picture of an anti-bacterial hand gel that his wife got at work that also happens to be bourbon scented. Their 3-year-old decided to take on the adult task of cleaning all their toys but unfortunately thought hand sanitizer was an appropriate way to clean them. Now, this Twitter user claims their entire house smells like an Abercrombie & Fitch store and anyone who’s been in an Abercrombie & Fitch store knows how strong that smell is.

11. Sometimes kids do questionable things that even adults can’t quite make sense of. One fifth grader was filling out his homework when his dad noticed that after being asked to write down a word that starts with the letter “B” and draw a picture to match, his son chose the word beer. There’s a ton of explanations that could be suggested here, none of which look well upon this dad. Safe to assume he’ll be receiving a call from the teacher any day now.

12. Who needs a hairdresser? This mother was sent a chunk of her daughter’s hair in a Ziploc bag and an apology from her teacher after her little girl decided to cut her hair by herself at school. Why you might ask? Her daughter overheard her mother say she needed a haircut. At least this mom knows she won’t have to worry about teaching her daughter independence.

13. Another stressful task that comes with being a parent is putting together all these crazy contraptions being passed as children’s toys. This Twitter dad shared a photo of his attempt at putting together a kid’s tent – which somehow turned out to be a more difficult task than putting together an adult tent. Considering nothing involving kids is ever easy, we’re not surprised this was a fail.


14. Kids, they do the darndest things! This parent failed to answer their friend’s FaceTime call after dealing with an incident in her backyard that involved a couple of kids and a rodent. Another aspect of children you have to deal with as a parent is the fact that kids are still learning what’s a good idea and what’s not. For example, it’s probably not a good idea to play hot potato with a rodent.

15. Sometimes it really is the kids causing the problems, while other times it’s just parents causing their own problems. In this case, one Twitter user can only blame themselves for this mistake that is sure to end in tears after forgetting to sing happy birthday and going straight to cutting the cake.

16. What started out as a missing lipstick from mom’s makeup stash quickly turned into a scene straight out of a horror movie. After this mom took a quick minute to herself to use the washroom she came back to bright red lipstick smeared all over her white door and white walls. That is not going to be an easy stain to get rid of.

17. This parent begs the question that anyone who has done laundry has asked themselves at one point or another – where did the other half of that pair of socks go?! One of the most unexplained mysteries out there is only made ten times worse and more frustrating when dealing with a kid’s favorite colorful pair of socks that also happens to be the size of your palm and therefore extra easy to lose.

18. That sad moment when you realize you haven’t done a good job of teaching your kid manners. This parent wasn’t happy to see their child’s list titled ‘What I Want” followed by a list of toys including a drum kit and a remote control car. The parent captioned this Instagram post “Must work on manners and appreciation!”


19. No one quite understands the struggles of taking care of tiny humans until they have a couple themselves. Taking care of children might seem like sunshine and rainbows, but imagine you have to take care of someone who doesn’t even know how to sit in a chair and then tell a parent their job isn’t hard.

20. Another fail in the parenting department. This kid literally wrote a letter of complaint to Santa after their parents’ failure to teach them the meaning of Christmas. Their kid managed to write a list of stuff while making their parents feel guilty at the same time. Having your kid lecture you on your parenting skills can’t be fun.

21. The problem with being a busy parent with barely any time for yourself is even when you think you have yourself together, life is there to prove you wrong. This parent went for a quick run for some coffee with a sweater that clearly came straight out of the dryer. Unfortunately, although she managed to put on clean clothes, she failed at noticing she had a pair of underwear stuck to her.


22. Kids can be the greatest source of stress and exhaustion but they can also be the greatest source of laughter. These parents couldn’t help getting a kick out of this situation after their children were so amused by a goat hitting its head against a cage that one kid attempted to do the same and ended up in tears.

23. What about the dreaded science project that’s supposed to be done by the kids but really ends up being the parent’s homework instead. This parent felt like quite the failure after trying to help their kid with a science project that just didn’t turn out. This was their attempt at a volcano that ended up not quite looking like a volcano. Their kid doesn’t seem very amused.

24. #joysofparenting is a nice way of putting it. This meme a mom posted on Instagram pretty much sums up how quickly things can take a nasty turn after trying to play off the calm, cool and collected parent but your kids aren’t buying it. Five minutes into asking her kids to put on their shoes and she’s turning straight into a fiery monster from the depths of the underworld.

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