Moms Are Comparing Their Post-Birth Looks To Kate Middleton’s

Kate Middleton always seems to look good, poised and better-dressed than the average person even in ‘casual wear.’

Considering she’s royalty and has an appearance to maintain, it’s not surprising her look is always on point.

But her level of perfection reached a whole other level when she came out of the hospital, 7 hours after giving birth, looking carefree, put together and well-rested… pretty much all the things every average mother is not feeling after being in labor for hours.

People took to Twitter to congratulate the Duchess on her third child and second son, even going so far as to call her a ‘birth-giving machine.’

Other Twitter users were so amazed by Middleton’s recovery they even referred to her as Wonder Woman!

But then people started to take in the way-too-perfect pictures of Middleton post-birth and decided to compare their own pictures in the hospital with their newborns. 

These hilarious comparisons definitely highlight the stark contrast between a royal birth and well… reality.

One Twitter user pointed out that Middleton was even in heels as she stood outside the hospital with the latest royal baby! The picture of Rocky on the right seems to be a more accurate representation of a woman post-birth.

Twitter @lidianews

One Instagram user joked that her mother had wanted her to end up with Prince William… but that she would never have been able to keep up with the expectations of it all anyway!

Another accurate representation of what a woman looks like 7 hours after giving birth, tired in her hospital bed, versus Middleton’s easy smile and full face of makeup.

Another user shared a picture of their partner 7 hours after giving birth. Looks like the delivery was too much even for her!

Twitter @Helen_Reeve_

Another hilarious photo of someone post birth. How did Middleton pull off that photo op when you compare it to pictures like this?? How??

Just because she’s royalty does that really mean she’s not allowed to be tired? Or put her hair in a bun and throw on some sweats? At least let the poor woman wear flat shoes!

It gets better. this Instagram user compared a picture of herself outside the hospital after giving birth to her third child. She can’t even stand!

This Twitter user, in a hilarious coincidence, was also sporting a red outfit with a frilly neckline after giving birth. However, she still needed some extra TLC and made the smart decision of staying in bed.

Three days of induced labor?! Yikes! Kate Middleton needs to share her secrets ASAP, so the rest of the world can begin to understand how she does it.

Expectation vs Reality. Personally, I think the mother on the right is infinitely more adorable and endearing than Kate. There’s something so funny about the open mouth and closed eyes, yet the arms stand in position holding a baby.

Did someone even feed Kate Middleton before she left the hospital? Was there even enough time after that perfect blowout and flawless makeup?

Basically, the moral of the story is Kate Middleton is not a regular human being and the average mother, 7 hours post birth, is not stepping out in a red dress and heels to wave to a crowd full of people. Right now, I’m feeling pretty thankful I’m not royalty. 

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