8 Signs That He Is In Love

At the beginning stages of a relationship, women have a tendency to be vulnerable according to Psychology Today. Whether it’s because they’ve been betrayed in the past by their partners, or they simply just don’t trust men. Regardless of the reason, once the relationship begins to progress, they are constantly seeking signs that tell them if he is in love with them.

Love is a fickle emotion. It can drive two people crazy but can also bring two people together for eternity. Love is only as strong as the two people in the relationship. If only one person is “head over heels” in the relationship, chances are it’s not going to go as smoothly. It’s a known fact that women tend to show their emotions more than men do, so when a woman knows she’s in love, it’s a challenge to figure out of he loves her back without asking him.

With that said, below you will find the following signs that he is in love with you.

He Wants You In His Future Plans: I’m not just talking about buying a house and getting married; I’m also talking about the little plans. Psychology Today states that if he makes references to upcoming plans he as and asks if you’re available, this is a good sign that he may be falling for you. They also mention that if he brings up getting married or having children (regardless if he’s joking), he may be trying to get a sense of what page you are on and if it’s the same one he is on. So if you are on the same page as him, you better tell him right away!

You’re His Top Priority: When you’re in a relationship, things begin to change. Instead of constantly going out with the guys, the man will slowly begin to switch his priorities to the partner he is seeing; that is if he has strong feelings for her or even loves her. If a man is falling for his partner, he/she will be his number one priority, according to Psychology Today.

He Is Emotionally Attracted to You: EHarmony explains that in most cases, men will go for the physical attraction first when they are looking for a partner. But they add that the emotional experience is much more powerful. In basic terms; what a man feels as a result of the experience he has with his partner is what will determine if he feels comfortable enough to open up and openly communicate. If this occurs, it’s a sign he is falling in love.

Treats You With the Utmost Respect: If you are respected by your partner, you should never have to wonder if he’s in love, says EHarmony. They also add that statistics show that one sign of a good relationship includes a male partner who respects your opinions and cares about the details of your life.

He Vales You Missing Him and He Misses You: According to Psychology Today, if the man appreciates when you tell him you miss him, and he also tells you that he misses you, it may be a sign that he is falling in love with you. This is not to say that he is thinking about you every second of the day, which would just be an unhealthy obsession. But if he takes time out of his day to ask you how you are doing or sends you a funny joke he read, that’s a sign that he misses you and is thinking about you.

Compromise: EHarmony explains that if a man is falling in love with his partner, he will compromise. He will believe that being right is not nearly as important as doing right by the other person. You will see him meet you in the middle about topics that he is usually stubborn with.

He’s Affectionate In Public: I’m not talking about getting all “hot and heavy,” I am talking about your man putting his arm around you or grabbing your hand. EHarmony states that this is a sign that he is proud to announce to the world that he is with you and it is also a protective gesture as well. They also add that another love sign is when he asks if you want to cuddle or if you need a hug, which you are constantly craving.

Replacing “I” With “We”: It may not seem like a big deal, but EHarmony explains how important it is when a man starts a sentence with “we” instead of “I”. This is signifying that he is no longer single and has strong enough feelings where he believes he and his partner are a team now and should be doing everything together as much as possible.

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