You Have Most Likely Been Using Lemon Juicers Wrong This Whole Time

Some people add natural lemon juice to their food and drinks the “old school” way; by cutting the lemon in half and using their hands. Others do it in a more modern way and use a handheld manual juice press.

It’s a great tool to have around in your kitchen if you want to make a refreshing lemonade or just add it as an ingredient for dinner. Most people think it’s pretty obvious how to use it. But actually, there’s a better way.

The more common way of squeezing a lemon does get the job done, and you do get a sufficient amount of juice. However, by doing a small little trick prior to putting the lemon into the squeezer, you can actually get even more juice.

So first, let’s remind you how you traditionally squeeze a lemon. Typically, you first start by cutting up the lemon in half.

Then, you take one-half and place the skin part of the lemon facing up and press down the manual juice press.

But people will be shocked to know that the more practical and efficient way is to actually cut the bottom end of the citrus.

This lets the convex part of the press flush out the juices by mashing the pulp. This technique doesn’t only work with lemons.

This type of juicing technique also fits in with other ways of juicing where the pulp is being pressed on by a convex structure and twisted.

So you don’t even need a manual handheld juice press. It can work with anything that is meant to press out the juice.

After people discovered this new way of pressing juice from a lemon, they were shocked. It’s such a minor change, but it goes such a long way.

Twitter user @FreddyAmazin said: “So I’ve been doing this wrong my entire life…It’s all been a lie…feeling bamboozled…who am I.” We totally understand where this person is coming from.

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