Reporter Doesn’t Take Any Nonsense From Random Stranger Hurling Abuse At Her

A video was recently shared on social media of 9News reporter Maggie Raworth being harassed on the street by a man who interrupted her coverage and began insulting her.

The Facebook video shows Raworth and the camera person attempting to shoot their coverage when the stranger approaches them and tells them to get a real job. He then claimed that he’d never met an honest journalist. When Raworth asked what she personally had done to the man he replied, “You chose to be a journalist. There are a million and one jobs in this world and you’ll choose to be lying pieces of s—t for a living.”

Raworth maintained her composure and thanked him for his candour in the hopes that he would walk off. But he stayed and continued to insult her. “Give it five years and you’ll be out of a job. All wrinkled up and s—t. You’re already getting fat.”

She then took out her phone and began recording him, to which he replied, “Yeah. Film me, b—-h.” He then flipped off the camera and said, “At least I make money, unlike you. Definitely unlike both of you. Local news mother—-kers. Raworth then thanked him again and the man said, “Make me famous, b—ch,” before the video clip ended.

9NEWS reported on the incident and Raworth gave a statement saying she feared for her safety. “To be honest, I thought he would hit me so I wanted to capture that. It upsets me how misinformed people are about the work we do. I was most insulted by what he thinks of journalists and the work we do,” she said. “I couldn’t lie in a story. No journalist could get away with lying as our producers wouldn’t let us. Imagine a world without news. We do amazing work every day.”

9NEWS also reported that Victorian police are now looking at charging the man with offensive behaviour.

The video, which was uploaded to Raworth’s Facebook page, has been viewed over 100,000 times.

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