Widow Who Has Had More Than 100 Affairs Reveals Why Valentine’s Day Is The Best Time To Be A Mistress

Gwyneth Lee, a British woman who claims to have had affairs with over 100 married men, describes what it’s like to be a mistress on Valentine’s Day.



The 47-year-old business consultant and former model says that men having affairs spend more on Valentine’s day gifts for their mistresses than their spouses. “Valentine’s is the best time of year to be a mistress because you are lavished with sex and presents,” she recently told The Daily Mail.

Lee is currently juggling affairs with three men: a jeweler, a stockbroker, and a banker. All of them are aware that she’s seeing them on a “non-exclusive” basis, and all three of them are planning Valentine’s Day celebrations with her.

Her first Valentine’s Day celebration will be with her jeweler partner, whom she describes as “the most fun.” They’ve planned an evening of shopping and champagne, before going back to a nice hotel. Although he apparently has a “good sex life” with his wife, he enjoys having “discreet affairs.” Her second date is with the stockbroker, who “loves lingerie” and will likely buy her “lots of beautiful Agent Provocateur.” Finally, Ms. Lee’s third date will be with the banker, who she says is the “kinkiest” of her partners. “He is like my very own Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey,” she says, “and [he] likes to set up his own Red Room of Pain just for me with all sorts of floggers, spankers and riding crops.”

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Lee met all of her current partners on IllicitEncounters, a dating website specifically for people who are married. Lee has used the website, which advertises itself as “discreet and confidential,” many times since the death of her oil executive husband.

When asked whether she felt guilty about dating married men, Lee says that she doesn’t. “The sad truth is that monogamy is unnatural,” she told The Daily Mail.

“Who decided that it was a good idea to commit to one person in your 20s or 30s and then stay with them for the next 50 years? Where is the fun in that? Inevitably the sex is going to go stale.”

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