Landlady Gets Roasted For Her Ridiculous Renting Rules

There are so many stories of inconsiderate tenants and crazy roommates that it seems as though property owners are flying under the radar. But a lot of people have ridiculous rules and expectations. In fact, some landlords/ladies aren’t as innocent as they’d have you believe.

Take for example Margolyn Cardell from Egg Harbor, Wisconsin who posted on the Facebook group “Door County Online Rummage Sale” looking for a tenant to move into a vacant room in her house.

She certainly received many responses to her post, but not from interested potential tenants. People seem to take issue with some of Margolyn’s requirements which are somewhat…stringent.

Honestly, it sounds more like a jail than anything else. The no smoking and laundry on the weekend requirements are understandable, but no drinking? I mean it’s not that I’m condoning getting drunk, but if someone is paying for a room you can’t tell them they can’t have a beer after work.

Margolin repeatedly tells those who pointed out her ridiculous rules that if they don’t like the requirements, they should “buy a tent”.

She explains to those who tell her that her no drinking rules are outrageous and that she doesn’t want drunks in her neighbourhood, skipping about 25 steps between occasionally drinking and being an alcoholic.

Things get more bizarre after one person remarks that a prison sounds like a better option than living in Margolyn’s house. She responded, “Crayon activities are good!”          

She also repeatedly insists that people who drink fall down a lot, citing that fact as one of the primary reasons why she doesn’t want a drinker as a tenant.

She goes on to mention the crayons again, which leaves us a little unsure as to her mental stability. People seem to find this entire post so ridiculous that it verges on hysterical.

Back and forth, Margolin oscillates between crayons, to tents, to falling and back again. Her logic is almost as strange as her ridiculous rules. Understandably, the people in the replies were just not having it.

Some, like Mary Metoxen (bless her), really try to reason with Margolin. Mary comments, “I really don’t think anyone is talking about getting plastered all the time, just that whoever decides to rent this room really can’t have a beer after work? This is Wisconsin.” Alas, there was no hope. But, hey, at least we all got a laugh.

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