If You Can Find The Woman Hidden In This Picture, You Might Have A Genius IQ

Body painting is an amazing art form. It is essentially a large-scale optical illusion–a person could be standing without clothes in front of you but you would never know it if they had the right body paint on.

1Tschiponnique Skupin/Future Image/ WENN.com

A German artist Jorg Dusterwald has made bodies the main medium for his painting. His pieces are truly amazing as he camouflages real people with the background, making it difficult to pick them out from the landscape.

The first photo is an example of some of his work, you can obviously see the woman in the photo even though she is painted the same as the leaves that cover the ground here. It almost makes one think of a wood nymph.

The second photo is stunning and while it is still pretty easy to see the woman in it, she blends into the background a lot more than in the first photo because the painter tried to make her look like a part of the logs. The way she contours her body to exactly match up with the background is amazing.


Jorg Dusterwald is one of the very few full-time body painters in Germany, and actually held the title of Germany’s Body Painting Champion in 2008. Didn’t realize there were bodypainting championships, did you? Neither did we!

3Tschiponnique Skupin/Future Image/ WENN.com

You can be a very good painter but not a good body painter because a body is so much more complicated than just a blank flat canvas. A body painter needs to be able to manipulate the body in order to be able to transform it into whatever the artists wants it to be.

This last photo has people totally stumped. It is much more difficult to find the person he painted because he really focused on camouflaging it and making it totally blend in the landscape. He put the photo on social media and thousands of people have found enjoyment in trying to find the painted person. Apparently the faster you find the lady in the photo the higher your IQ is, so have a go and let us know how easily you were able to spot the woman in the scene!

4Tschiponnique Skupin/Future Image/ WENN.com

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