Fast Food Workers Reveal Why You Should Never Order Pepperoni Pizza

With New Year’s just passed many of us are trying to stay strong with our New Year’s resolutions. While some individuals might aspire to read more books or to earn a little more cash, most people just want to drop some body fat.

Now, despite these resolutions, here are some fast foods that you should never order.

Whether it be a cold beverage or a steaming plate of chicken, here are eight foods that you should probably not order from a fast-food restaurant.

1. Banana ice cream. Many fast-food employees advise against ordering banana ice cream because they claim that it is near impossible to get it to the texture of ice cream. Most times it just comes out as a sloppy milkshake.

 Banana ice cream.

2. Teriyaki chicken. Workers say that ordering chicken dishes could either be a hit or a miss. Since chicken takes so long to cook, most restaurants tend to cook chicken based on the number of customers that they expect that day. So the chicken could be fresh or it could have been sitting around all day.

 Teriyaki chickenFoodyBlog

3. Mexican salad. Staff recommends not getting a taco salad at any restaurant but a Mexican diner because the salad almost always ends up getting mixed into other foods that you may not have originally wanted.

Mexican salad.FoodEnvy

4. Pepperoni pizza. Workers advise against ordering a pepperoni pizza because most managers at pizza chains are very fussy about how many pieces of pepperoni get put on a pizza. One worker mentioned that he had to count out 80 individual pieces of pepperoni for a pizza. Also, the pepperonis are individually hand-counted so the germs increase as the number of pepperoni increases.

Pepperoni pizzaRuled Me

5. Grilled chicken. While it may seem like a healthy choice at first, workers and staff have revealed that most grilled chicken are often microwaved and then later slapped on a grill to create the grill marks.

Grilled chicken

6. McFlurry’s. Despite the inherent deliciousness that is McFlurry’s, most times the ice cream machines at the fast-food chains just simply don’t work so unless you want a sloppy milkshake, opt for a different dessert.

McFlurry’sBusiness Insider

7. Starbucks frappuccinos. Employees often mention that it is a hassle creating these drinks and that most people don’t even drink them. One worker said: ‘most of them just seem like they’re made to be Instagram-ready. I frequently find ones that have barely been touched in the bin.’


8. Subway sandwiches. Employees note the difficulty in making sandwiches that require the meat to be heated up but not the sandwich. One worker said: ‘the most hated thing to make is pretty much any sandwich that’s supposed to be toasted like steak, teriyaki, or chicken bacon ranch, and the customer doesn’t want the bread toasted. we have to get the meat on parchment paper and warm it up in the microwave then use our hands to put the very hot meat on the sandwich.’

Subway sandwiches.YouTube

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