Artist Continues To Illustrate Cute Comics About His Life With His Wife

Artist Continues To Illustrate Cute Comics About His Life With His WifeYehuda Devir

Living with a spouse can be a constant adventure, a collection of ups and downs that never seems to end. It’s not always pretty, and sometimes it can be really hard, but in the end, the love you share with someone else creates a home for the both of you. Yehuda Devir knows this better than anyone. Devir, an artist who currently lives in Tel Aviv, illustrates every day with his wife, Maya, and the relationship they share is full of strange, funny, sad, and sweet moments.

Each illustration shows a small aspect of the relationship between Yehuda Devir and Maya, but taken together, they show that the couple is more in love than ever. Devir has been illustrating life with Maya since 2015, capturing the moments they share together and how they get through each day together. Some of them will make you laugh, and some might make you appreciate what you have even more.

Yehuda Devir writes on his Facebook page, “Never take anything for granted. It’s the small things that make your relationship unique.” For anyone in a relationship, this is very true. It’s not the big moments that matter (although they do mean a lot), but rather the smaller more intimate moments that you and your partner share with each other; the private life you have together. Yehuda Devir understands this and delivers that message through all of his work.

As anyone knows, marriage starts with the proposal. It’s a fairly important part of getting married (since it gets the whole ball rolling), but you can never exactly know how the other person is going to react. This would be the kind of thing you’d be hoping for, though.

Then, of course, the two of you might be sharing some romantic moments together. A bath for two? Ooh-la-la! However, these kinds of ideas always seem better in your mind, because you might quickly realize that most tubs are not built to hold two people.

Your partner and you might have differences of opinion. For instance, they might like you clean shaven, with a smooth baby face. However, you might like to grow a big, burly beard. All that matters is that you both are happy with the other person’s choices.

No matter how tough and strong you may appear to other people, your spouse always knows your weaknesses; the things that make you squirm or get spooked. Sometimes it can be something as small as getting a blood test. Then again, who likes needles, right?

You and your spouse should share interests, including going to the movies. Sometimes you’ll even see a movie like, as Yehuda Devir says in the caption for this illustration, Avengers: Infinity War, that leaves both of your jaws on the floor.

When your loved one cooks for you, you should be as complimentary as possible, even if you spend half the meal pulling hairs out of your mouth. On the bright side? At least you know where the hairs came from.

As a married couple, you have to learn to work together as a team. Taking care of your living space together can be something to enjoy, rather than something to dread. After all, any time spent with your spouse is special, right?

Your spouse may want to do things for you to make you feel good, like maybe a back massage. however, unless you happened to marry a professional massage therapist, you might end up with a little more pain than you bargained for.

One thing you might not bargain for, especially if you marry someone with long hair, is how much of that hair is going to end up in every space of your bathroom, particularly the shower drain. Of course, the one with the shorter hair is usually the one to get those clumps out of there.

Even though you may think your spouse is a perfect vision of beauty and grace, they are definitely going to have some moments where they are not so graceful. In those cases, you might have to take the blame for something, but you don’t mind at all, do you?

However, even though you may not be perfect, there’s always going to be an air of attraction between you and your spouse: an unspoken bond where you even find each other’s flaws to be irresistible.

Then there are times where your spouse may commit the ultimate act of betrayal: watching more episodes of your favorite show without you. This is what the age of streaming has done: sometimes it’s just too hard to quit binging, even without your partner.

Anybody who is with someone that has long hair also knows how an intimate, romantic moment can be ruined by simply resting on that person’s hair. And the person with long hair knows how painful it can be when the other person doesn’t realize what they’re doing.

You might be the kind of person who works out all the time, building up a lot of muscles and getting super fit. However, you still might have an itch you can’t quite reach, despite all of your strength. That’s where having a dedicated spouse (especially one with long nails) comes in really handy.

While the two of you may clean up nice when you’re out hitting the town, there are also the days where you both are so completely exhausted that you don’t mind being kind of gross together.

If your partner gets a new haircut, they can sometimes feel pretty upset about it, depending on whether it’s the style they wanted or not. However, as their spouse, it’s your job to reassure them that they are in fact still beautiful.

Sometimes your spouse will get a little bit too into their new hobby. For example, they might go a little bit crazy about juicing (juice is good, but there’s only so much you can take, right?) As their spouse, it’s your job to just sit back and let them do their own thing.

It’s especially true when you work from home (and even more so if you both work from home) that your spouse may want a little bit of attention during your workday. They might even get in your way to get it, but even though it keeps you from being productive, just remember that most people don’t have that privilege.

When you and your spouse are stepping out for the day, you might notice a giant pile of clothes on the floor. This is because there will always be someone who, no matter what, can never find the right outfit to wear. Then they usually end up wearing the same three things anyway.

At the end of the day, no matter how much you and your spouse go through, you each know that you’re there for each other and that the love between the both of you can overcome anything. That’s the true power of love that comes through in each of these illustrations, and hopefully, you see some of your own relationship in all of them.

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