Tired Of People Running Through The Hallway, Company Decides To Install This Floor

Okay, everyone. Casa Ceramica has had enough of you running up and down their hallways and damns it, they’re going to do something about it.

In an effort to stop those who run down their hallways, the company has since installed a new tiling that appears to have a giant hole off to the side of it.

The optical illusion was shown to people on Duncan Cook’s Twitter page. He suggested that the floor would be perfect for those who either love Willy Wonka or Alice in Wonderland.

Cook is the acting director and owner of Casa Ceramica and worked as a tiler for 17 years. In a July 2017 post uploaded to his profile, he showed off the tiles, which appear to be severely warped.

Casa Ceramica’s Twitter page also showed off their vertigo-inducing tiles with several photographs of the floor at different angles and a man walking across the floor, through the perceived warp in the floor, and dabbing as he reaches the end of the hallway.

Other photos showed “Caution: Wet Floor” signs and one was from the back exit for a different view of the illusion.

They also uploaded a short video, which showed the tiler laying down on the floor to prove that the floor was real tiling.

A photo of the floor was posted to Reddit three days ago and has since gone viral. To date, the post has earned over 40,000 upvotes and over 600 comments.

 The Hallway, Company Decides To Install This FloorMaria Cruz

People on Twitter were quick to share their thoughts on the company’s decision as well. Some commented on how they were getting vertigo just looking at it.

Others painted a hypothetical picture of coming home to this floor while intoxicated. For the most part, people were seriously impressed.

So, if you’re ever planning to head over to Casa Ceramica to check out some cool tiles, be sure to slow your roll before you even think about running down their halls.

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