A Flat Earther Tried To Argue With An Astronaut On TV And It Was Hard To Watch

Of all the conspiracy theories that have surfaced in our history, the Flat Earth Theory is certainly one of the more controversial and heavily discussed. Having had countless of individuals step up to try and disprove astronauts and scientists alike, it never fails to amuse and surprise us when it occurs. One of the more alarming approaches is when a Flat Earther argues with an astronaut on TV, and it’s hard to watch.

Flat Earther Tried To Argue With An Astronaut On TV Daily Mirror

Mark Sargent of Seattle has been a conspiracy theorist who’s had quite the following with Flat Earthers. This theory has been getting a lot of traction as of late with people trying to disprove what we as humans have proved and believed for centuries. There is no real evidence to suggest the Earth is flat, with a multitude of concluding evidence that has proved that, in fact, the Earth is round. To argue against scientists is a bold action in itself, and to take it a step further to argue with astronauts who have firsthand seen real conclusive proof, is on a whole other level.

This week, on Good Morning Britain, Sargent took the stage to voice his claims with astronaut Terry Virts. Along with Terry, sat Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, who listened on in awe. “I think the Earth is flat — go to the beach with a high-powered HD camera and look off into the distance. 10-15 years ago, you could see ships go off into the horizon” he claimed, going deeper into concluding that “We’re basically living on a big sound stage and nobody figured it out until 1956”. Arguing with Virts, who produced a copy of his space photography that deems the planet as spheric, was quite a courageous act. Despite the photographic evidence, Sargent dismissed them immediately, claiming they have been doctored.

Piers stepped in to ask Virts bluntly, “Is the earth round or flat?” Upon immediately stating that of course, it is round, he took it a step further by giving his own experience, saying “They put me on a space shuttle, and they hit the red button and I launched into space going eastbound at 17,000 miles an hour, and thankfully I came back around to the other side. If the earth were flat, I just would’ve kept on going.”

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It’s a tall task to refute facts, better yet on a public platform. It’s no secret that there are those among us that do believe the Earth is flat, but it’s tough to go against physical proof that mankind has investigated and credibly justified. Among many others, he believes in his side, and it’s difficult to be swayed away from what you believe in.

Flat Earther Tried To Argue With An Astronaut On TV Wikimedia

Despite all the real-life evidence and extensive experience, astronauts and scientists are still discredited. Sargents claims that since Virts is a commander in the United States military, this suggests that “he can keep secrets”. Piers seemed to have gotten a real kick out of this attempt by Sargent, even going on to say he’s talking “utter nonsense”. Surprisingly, even Mark went on to say “It’s obviously insanity, in fact, I encourage anyone that’s listening to the sound of my voice, don’t google Flat Earth” before proceeding to counter the astronaut’s concrete evidence.

In the chance that Sargent was in fact right, after all, Piers raised the question of why anyone would even bother lying about this in the first place. Having a chuckle about this, Virts went on to say that it’s tough enough to keep the smallest secret these days and that such a thing could not have been hidden for this long. Sargent proclaimed that nobody should believe a word that the US Space Program says, completely sticking to his guns on this matter. In this ongoing dispute that really isn’t up for much debate, an astronaut who has clocked in thousands of hours in space is not the least bit concerned, adding that conspiracy theorists “are fine” and keep it entertaining. “To each their own”.

Flat Earther Tried To Argue With An Astronaut On TV Wikimedia

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