Burger King Asked Wendy’s To Prom And The Reply Did Not Disappoint

Love is in the air. Apparently, it’s also in the air for non-human entities. It happens to be in the air for two famous fast food places: Burger King and Wendy’s! In fact, these two fast food places are rivals and have been for the longest time.

However, this is proof that they have decided to put their differences aside and celebrate something that high school kids have celebrated since the beginning of time! On Wednesday, a Boston-area Burger King asked a neighbouring Wendy’s location to the prom.

Just like any happy ending, Wendy’s had agreed to the prom-posal in a very typical, hilarious fashion. Like any lady, Wendy’s provided some guidelines because, well, a lady has to set certain boundaries before going out on a date. Let the guy know a few things before they go out!

Looks like this is just your typical Disney Princess-Prince story. As Today.com wrote, “It looks like the king of burgers has finally found his beefy queen!”. Everyone seemed pretty entertained by this.

But Burger King didn’t stop there. After Wendy’s accepted the proposal, Burger King changed their storefront sign with an empathetic declaration, writing “@Wendys…She said yes!” Looks like Prom is no joke. Not even for fast food restaurants.

With no surprise, the picture went pretty viral with Wendy’s response on Twitter, saying ‘OK, but don’t get handsy and we have to be home by 10.’ Wendy’s is known for giving pretty clever commentaries on Twitter towards competitors like McDonald’s and Burger King.

One person who was driving noticed the new sign and posted it on Twitter. The post was essentially calling out Wendy’s, saying “This is awesome! Wendy’s don’t leave Burger King hanging?!?”

More people reacted to the fast-food romance, with one person saying that the restaurant had a ‘better love life than I do’, while someone else was jokingly disappointed that Burger King would get the chance to take Wendy’s out.

As of today, the response from the chain has gotten more than about 34,000 likes on Twitter. People were posting some other hilarious tweets, with one tweeting, “Aren’t you two a little too old to go to prom? Wendy you’re 48 and Burger King is 64”.

This isn’t the first time that the fast-food chains have taken part in some sort of fun-filled banter. Mind you, this is probably one of the nicer interactions between the two chains. Earlier this year, Wendy’s had dropped a mixtape which was entitled ‘We Beefing’’.

In ‘We Beefing’’, Wendy’s had called out competitors including McDonald’s and Burger King. People seem to be more on team Wendy’s than anywhere else. One person was so desperate to get more Twitter followers, that they decided to tweet out “Follow me and I’ll never go to Burger King or McDonald’s again @Wendys”.

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