Cat Brings Pink Flowers To Neighbors From Her Garden Everyday

Anyone who has an animal knows how special it can really be. Regardless if it’s a dog or a cat, people seem to have some sort of mental connection with their pets. Who can blame them? Animals really are amazing. From time to time, you notice that your pet can do some interesting things. This one, in particular, has a thing for pink flowers.


Meet Willow. Willow is a gorgeous kitty who never ceases to surprise her neighbours by carrying a gorgeous pink flower. It gets better though. Willow offers this flower as a gift during one of her frequent visits. Rosie, the woman who gets greeted by Willow, has been noticing pink flowers in the garden since the early spring.

People don’t really think to assume it was an animal that brought them gifts to their home. I mean, usually, humans do that, right? Well, clearly that is not the case. When she first started noticing these flowers, Rosie just thought it was the wind. But then one of her housemates had told her that she saw a kitty with a flower in her mouth. How adorable does that sound?

Seeing Willow do something like this removes a lot of negative stereotypes that dog people have about cats. Cats are typically seen as being cold and not the friendliest. But this cat goes against all those beliefs. Rosie tells 9gag that as the days would go by, more and more flowers were accumulated. Apparently, it looked like a scene from a romantic movie: roses spread all over the deck.

She told 9gag, “She clearly likes us because she steals flowers from (her owners) and leaves them on our deck. It was at least ten flowers before we realized it was her. I was so excited because she’s so cute and I’d never seen a cat ever bring back anything but dead animals before”.

Okay, this all sounds pretty hard to believe. In fact, it sounds like a story that Disney would create for a short film or something. Luckily, Rosie managed to record one of the instances when Willow came to her deck to drop off a gorgeous pink flower. So if you didn’t believe it, see it for yourself!

In the video, Willow adorably holds the pink flower in her mouth as she calmly walks over to the deck, up the stairs and places the rose on the floor. It really looks like she adores these neighbours. If you weren’t a cat person before, you just might be now after watching this video. Check it out!

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