12 Photos Proving That Women Are Simply Wonderful

By now it’s pretty obvious that women are incredible. I mean, men are too, but women have that extra something. Think about it, they can do everything. From being a mom, to being that career woman to having the ability to knock a man out of his seat!

It’s honestly not surprising that there are countless songs, poems, movies, videos that are dedicated to women and how amazing they truly are. Women have the power to make men go above and beyond, just to put a smile on their face. I mean if that’s not power, I don’t know what is!

Here are some examples that show just how multifaceted a woman’s personality can be. For the women out there, I’m sure you can relate to a few, if not all of these. For the men? This will make you appreciate us just a little more. Enjoy!

1. Women have the ability to be both lady-like, and sexy but at the same time, they can be complete goofballs and not worry about looking picture-perfect. This girl shows the versatility perfectly!

2. Since forever, women have had a ton of pressure when it comes to their weight. Today, it’s more about being healthy and feeling your best and women know how to set goals and achieve them. It isn’t easy, but it’s totally possible!

3. Women can change the way they look with little or no effort. Whether it’s the power of makeup, hair-dye or professional makeup, women can transform in any way they want to.

4. They also have the ability to be ironic and funny all at the same time. Just check out this woman. Forget about dressing skimpy on Halloween….dress like an avocado and make people laugh!

5. You know you can count on a woman to prepare for everything in advance…better safe than sorry right? This woman isn’t waiting for her baby to be born to learn things. Nope. She decided to take her four-legged baby and practice wrapping a blanket around him.

6. This photo right here proves that multitasking is in a woman’s blood. This adorable big sister wanted to play on her iPad but also had to feed her new baby sibling. She already got the hang of using her foot to accomplish this.

7. Check out this photo. Not sure exactly what’s going on here, but it signifies the power women have to get people behind them in anything that they are trying to do. If they put their mind to it, they can accomplish anything they want.

8. This woman right here is carrying a cactus…down the escalator…with her bare hands. If that doesn’t show how women are not afraid of a little bit of difficulty, I don’t know what does! Fear just isn’t in women’s vocabulary.

9. No matter how difficult something is, or how messy things can get, that doesn’t stop women from looking their best. Check out this woman water rafting with a short skirt, a pair of heels and a helmet. All I can say is…YOU GO, GIRL!

10. If this isn’t creativity at its finest, I don’t know what is! This woman decided to use a puppet to feed a squirrel. Not sure why she did this, but it is perhaps one of the cutest, sweetest things I’ve seen! The puppet also looks like her.

11. Women don’t need a man to accomplish certain things around the house. They figure things out on their own…no matter how messy it could get. This girl didn’t have strong hands around her, so she got a little creative opening a jar of something.

12. Lastly, women are there for each other no matter what. Through thick or thin. Check out these sisters or friends…they have been there for each other through one of the biggest moments of their lives: pregnancy. How sweet!


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