‘Mulled Wine Hair’ Is Winter’s Prettiest, Coziest Hair Colour Trend

Who knew that Mulled Wine hair is considered a pretty cozy color for the winter time? It seems to be a trend this holiday season. Everyone is ditching their brown or blonde locks and switching over to this stunning, soothing hair color. This delicious adult beverage is seriously taking over.

It was once simply an adult beverage made up of boxed red wine, brandy, oranges and large amounts of delicious spices that you can find. But now it’s mostly known as winter’s choice of hair color. Mulled Wine Hair is the color marked by a deep berry-red base hue.

Basically, the exact same shade that you just poured into your saucepan and are now waiting to simmer. Mulled Wine Hair also has undertones of cinnamon and orange. The color resembles a lot of the hair we saw in the ‘90s. You know, that purple-red hair color that everyone rocked.

Only now, the multidimensional tones with the more updated cut make it strictly a 2017/2018 look. The shade is definitely more subtle this year than it was back then.

But what’s great about the Mulled Wine hair is that there’s a shade available for everyone. It has such a variety of tone combinations that anyone can find the perfect shade for their skin tone.

According to Allure, those with lighter skin tones can go for a brighter berry, while those with darker might want to go with the rich merlot shades.

People’s favorite beverages seem to be taking over the hair color scene. In case you forgot, this fall’s most popular hair color seemed to have been “Cream Soda Hair”. Yepp, a lot of people were rocking that look.

But again, there’s something about the Mulled Wine hair that just screams “cozy” this winter. Just look at all the different styles, shades and lengths these girls are rocking with this color. It honestly can suit anybody and everybody.

Check out this girl rocking a brighter red color, with short hair and beach wavy curls. The color may not be subtle, but it definitely works perfectly with the style she’s rocking. Loving this “VA VA VOOM” Mulled Wine hair.

Then you have this girl, who has the complete opposite hairstyle. Her gorgeous curls go perfectly with a more warm shade of this popular winter color. She even kept her roots dark to make it more of a subtle, yet popping hair color.


Mulled Wine hair even works really well with Balayage. This girl has gorgeous, long, wavy-straight hair. The color styled like this works for anyone who is a little nervous to go full Mulled Wine but still wants to give it a chance. Would you try this hair color this winter?

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