Ryan Reynolds’ Response To Disney Buying Fox Is Perfect

In the rapidly changing media industry, a groundbreaking deal has been reached between two of the most renowned mass media corporations. A stunning development sees Disney overtaking 21st Century Fox, in a $52.4 billion dollar deal that will allow the powerhouse companies to remain competitive in today’s media market.

Garnering a flurry of reactions in the masses, this deal adds to Disney’s extensive catalog of high-grossing films, notably Star Wars, Marvel films, Avatar, and television hits The Simpsons and Modern Family. Among those is the successful Deadpool film that introduced an interesting new approach to the conventional superhero films we have been accustomed to. The film’s main star, Ryan Reynolds, inevitably had something to say about the monumental deal.

Taking to Twitter, the R-rated superhero posted a photo showing him being carried out by security in the world-famous Disneyland. The caption read “Apparently you can’t actually blow the Matterhorn.” The Matterhorn is one of the theme park’s oldest roller coasters, and why exactly the mutant anti-hero would attempt to ‘blow’ the Matterhorn raises questions.

The impressive acquisition of 21st Century Fox now means that the staple franchises of Marvel are now finding a home within the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’. All film properties will now be under one roof, however, Fox doesn’t lose out on the rights entirely. Still slated for release under Fox are the upcoming X-Men projects, The New Mutants, and the sequel to the popular Deadpool debut, which Ryan Reynolds returns for.

Disney, known for bringing a more family-friendly approach to films, will see future superhero films piping down on the mature content. Fox has taken a different swing at these characters, with films like Logan exploring R-rated grounds. This is a concern that fans have brought up, wondering what direction their favorite characters will go to in films to come.



Ryan Reynolds decided to take a humorous jab at this, after seemingly attempting a misguided stunt on the family theme park. In another tweet, he joked about the apparent “sexual tension” between Deadpool and Mickey Mouse. The rise of the Deadpool character broke down walls in the superhero film world, introducing an R-rated, raw approach which was a proven success. For fans, it may be wise to not get too excited too soon, as the direction of future releases may take a different turn after this mega-deal was established.

The future of some of the most watched television and cinematic hits remains to be seen, as Disney now owns most of the production rights, and can skew it closer to a family-oriented experience. Despite any concerns that pertain to the more mature audiences, the collaboration is promising and can see some of our favorite superheroes intertwining. It’s a new day in the world of Disney and Fox, with a plethora of productions that are set to take the world by storm.

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