People On The Internet Can’t Believe How Old This Male Model Is

Most of us agree with the idea that age is just a number. Whether it be on an emotional level or a psychological level or even a physical level. For those of you who don’t agree, meet Chuando Tan.

He used to be a model and is now a professional photographer. It looks like he’s probably in his late, right? Well, allegedly he is 50 years old. I couldn’t believe it either! This guy clearly invented the popular idea mentioned above.

It’s really no surprise he used to have a career in modelling. I mean, just look at him! But he now spends a lot of his time behind the camera. His Instagram page shows off his photography and occasional candids and selfies.  

The selfies show off his killer abs, wrinkle-free face and “hip” sense of style. It’s honestly shocking how good he looks.

So what exactly is this man’s secret? How is it possible that he looks this good at the age he claims to be? How is this possible?

According to Indy100, Tan credits his looks to a regular workout, bathing not early in the morning or not late at night and Hainanese chicken.

But let’s be real here, genetics probably played a huge role in this as well. He recently appeared in an advert for the Chinese news outlet Yidian Zixun.

Of course, people in the Twitter world had a lot to say about Chuando’s youthful looks. One user noted, “I think I speak for all men, and, indeed, most women, when I ask: what’s his secret?”

There were even some 20-year-olds that wanted to know his secret, noting that they don’t even look like Chuando does and they’re pretty young.

Just looking through his Instagram posts, it’s clear Chuando not only keeps himself looking young, but he also makes sure that he stays “trendy” judging by how and where he takes photos.

You can see Chuando shooting some high-profile Asian celebrities such as Rosamund Kwan and Shu Qi. Daily Mail also notes that he shot Janet Jackson’s 2008 album cover. Not just a pretty face!

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