28 Pictures That Are So, So Dumb But So, So Funny


At this point in time, the internet is making real life look really boring. Thanks to the infinite breadth of information, and access to hilarious people from all around the world, we can access the most interesting and hilarious things without leaving our homes. It’s thanks to a combination of things, but mostly due to these websites:

  • Tumblr,
  • Twitter,
  • Reddit.

These sites facilitate over-sharing for points and likes, resulting in an infinite stream of “virality” and jokes. The classroom clowns are no longer confined to their schools, providing a 24/7 feed of “Caption This” submissions and hilarious observations about their dumb mistakes.

Here’s a roundup of 28 pictures that are really dumb, but also really hilarious.

1. Was there even an attempt? Or maybe this was intentional. It probably drove a lot of people to their sale, just so they could ask: “Do you know your entire sign is misspelled?” 


2. This poor soul left the toilet seat up at 2 AM and now he understands why women urge men to keep it down. The real story is in the amazing hashtags. 

2. facebookFacebook

3. You only need vegetables to have a good time! The couple in this picture are living, breathing proof of that. This should make you want to increase your veggie intake. 


4. I would have never skipped class if a cute dog wearing pink sunglasses was a standard in the classroom. 


5. Why is it taking so long? You might have assumed it was because this lady takes a long time to get ready, but the truth is a lot dumber than that. Wouldn’t you realize that your hair looks the same after a few minutes? This is baffling.


6. She’s got style, she’s got grace! I can only dream to look this good in my pictures. In fact, I’m pretty sure this cat looks better in heels than I do. So slim, so elegant!


7. This person meant to send something cute. He sent the opposite of cute; horrific and morbid. A dead fish stuck inside a raw chicken, smoking a cigarette? What kind of sick mind designed this?


8. A fish following his son to make sure he doesn’t get into trouble. Is this a still from the live action adaptation of Finding Nemo, or is this real life? You can be the judge of that.


9. Cats are so weird and unique. They’re also so different when it comes to their moods and personalities. This cat is into role-playing a hand, which isn’t surprising at all.


10. Have we, as a country, gone too far when it comes to mannequin poses? The best part is thinking that there are people who will see this mannequin and feel the desire to go into the store.


11. Life is full of contradictions, deceptions and disappointment. There are liars, people who take advantage of others and people who just want to watch the world burn, like whoever made this sign.


12. Dog’s are too pure and good for this world. We haven’t done anything to deserve them and yet they’re here in this world with us, being our best friend and following our orders.


13. The designer of this textbook was either an avid Stephen King fan or someone whose dream career was horror graphic novels. This is their way of protesting their current job.


14. This is a dumb picture because the cats are clearly not having the best time, and that Santa is about to get a good scratching. But it’s also the best Christmas picture ever taken.


15. I hope this is what all police dogs have to go through before they can be in a courtroom. Especially if they look as solemn and ready to deliver some truths as this dog does.


16. Say what you will about a professor putting a whole fist in his mouth in front of a class. One thing’s for certain: he understands the scientific method better than anyone in the room.


17. There was never a happier, more photogenic giraffe in the world. She knows how to work her angles, including showing off those eyelashes and leaning perfectly into the shot.


18. There is so much to break down in this picture. It’s the expressions on their faces, but also the positioning that suggests something more sinister is going down below the frame.


19. Autocorrect is the destroyer of relationships. Or, if this couple has a sense of humor, the maker of some pretty great and hilarious pet names.


20. If anything, Nestle should now make this the real packaging. She looks so thirsty for a sip of water, it’s making me want some for myself. See? It’s effective marketing.


21. Bless those who look at a boring object sitting around in a store and can create hilarity out of nothing. This skeleton is now an Italian mobster from New York.


22. This perfect name pun. I wonder if Daniel Radcliffe ever thought of funny jokes about his own name. He probably never made a graphic out of it though!


23. Once again, dogs are constant creators of hilarious content. If you have a dog, you’re set for life when it comes to great pictures and videos for the world to enjoy.


24. The name Cheese Biscuits would be a great spy name. Think about it: no one would suspect your job based on your name, they’d just assume you’re crazy or quirky.


25. “All those who believe in psychokinesis, raise my hand.” This is funny but it’s also the perfect way to lure some mutants out of hiding. It’s the perfect trap!


26. I wish vegan jokes weren’t so funny to make, but then stuff like this comes around and it makes me think they’ll never go away.


27. Something tells me this dog was more than ready for this picture. If I was this dog’s owner, or the photographer, I wouldn’t retake it. 


28. The lyrics to this Smash Mouth will forever be linked to the Shrek movies. Also, anything that remotely resembles an ogre will bring back memories about the movies.


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