These Two Mastiffs Are The Cheesiest Couple, And We Can’t Get Enough Of Their One-Liners

Dogs really do bring a lot to a family. They make life a lot more exciting, entertaining and just hilarious. I mean, if you aren’t ready for a kid, a dog is the best option. Having two dogs can bring even more entertainment to one’s life. Don’t believe me? Meet Madeline and Barnabas.

Madeline is ten-years-old and Barnabas is seven and they are the cutest pair of Neapolitan Mastiffs. The two live in Upstate New York with their owner Alayna. With all the photos taken of the two together, they have become pretty Instagram famous.

You see, Alayna enjoys taking some pretty adorable and cheesy photos of her dogs. The pair is so patient as they pose with hilarious outfits and even better pick-up lines. They honestly get all dressed up for any occasion. You can say that they get dressed to impress.

But for all of you who own a dog, you probably know that sometimes making your dog do something isn’t always easy. I mean for some dogs, you have to really get them in the right mood to make them SIT!

The way Alayna gets both Madeline and Barnabas to not only sit but to stand still during a photoshoot is by using the power of food. She told Bored Panda, “Maddy and Barn are super food motivated!! They will do anything for a treat! Plus by nature they are extremely chill, so that helps a lot”.

Alayna continued, saying “For example, when I took the pirate picture, I forgot to remove the hats and Maddy’s eye patch because I was so busy looking at the picture I had taken. A few minutes later I turned around and they were STILL sitting here”.

Mastiffs are pretty popular breeds and are known to be less hyper than others. But Alayna notes that both Maddy and Barn are even calmer than usual. However, if Alayna had to compare the two, they have different personalities.

She notes that Barnabas has his moments sometimes and Madeline is the Princess between the two. She told Bored Panda, “Hands down Maddy is more behaved! Barn is good but he can be mischievous at times. Maddy is a perfect, sweet little lady. I mean REALLY perfect!”

So what about the hilarious pick-up lines? Well, Maddy and Barn weren’t the ones to think of it, but Alayna did come up with a few of them. For the rest, she made a list that she matched the props with. But how did she come up with the idea in the first place?

Alayna told Bored Panda, “I just thought it would be something funny and unique and something I hadn’t seen anyone else do. Honestly, I never thought everyone would love them so much”. It honestly is such an adorable idea that this girl had. No wonder it became such an incredible hit on the web!

People have been following the Madeline and Barnabas Instagram page for a while now, and the page has now 24.9k followers! People have even been voting which photos are their favorites of the adorable duo. As for Alayna? Her favorite is ‘You Make My Heart Skip A Beet’. She said, “I think because I knew in my mind exactly what I wanted it to look like and then it came out PERFECTLY.”

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