Someone Found These Two Huskies Abandoned At A Dog Park With This Heartbreaking Note

Two Huskies Abandoned At A Dog Park With This Heartbreaking Note

At the Woodward Dog Park in Fresno, California a dog owner of two husky puppies left a tragic note and abandoned her dogs behind. It is a sad but all-too-familiar story about dog abandonment that leaves many people asking that one, all too important question: why?

Whenever animals get abandoned by their owners, it usually always stems down to one thing; owners don’t properly understand their pet’s behavioural issues or understand the temperament behind an individual breed. In the case of two huskies, Jada and Layla, the owner decided that they could no longer care for them.

A witness stated that she saw a woman drop off the dogs and exit the park, who told people nearby that she was just going to the car and would be right back.

The two Huskies left behind are Jada (left with black fur) and Layla (right with brown fur). They are sisters, and according to her owner, Layla gets scared without her sister.  

The note left by the dog’s owner describes in plain detail the dogs’ names and a warning not to split the two of them up.

Huskies are very energetic dogs, and are often prone to excess shedding, especially if they are home to warmer climates.

Huskies are not for beginner dog owners. They require a lot of attention due to their primal behaviours. Huskies do not dwell efficiently with cats, as Huskies have an inborn prey drive that causes them to view certain household pets as prey, rather than companions.

The two Huskies have left with a container of food and a note from their owner. Clearly, this person had no intention of coming back for her dogs as mentioned by park witnesses.

There is no word yet on whether Jada or Layla have been adopted yet from the shelter Fresno Furry Friends.

Huskies were originally kept by Arctic indigenous peoples, and used for sledding and pulling across the snowy terrain. The recent popularity of the Game of Thrones ‘ Direwolves breed, has people snatching up Huskies without first understanding their needs. Actor Peter Dinklage spoke out about these owners, citing that more often than not many huskies are being abandoned due to their owners lack an understanding of the dog’s needs.

Any person looking to adopt Huskies should do a lot of homework in understanding the temperament, and behavioral needs of this breed, before fully committing. This way, they can avoid any issues of giving up a pet for adoption.  

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