Beautiful Redhead Decides To Cut Her Long Hair. New Look Leaves Her Completely Unrecognizable

For many women, their hair is everything. If they’ve been growing it for years, cutting it is one of the hardest things to do. Accepting change is tough, but accepting a new hair change is even tougher. Despite this difficult challenge, there are women that are used to hair changes. Some actresses have to cut their hair or even shave it for roles. Other women shave their heads for breast cancer awareness. But for this woman, getting her hair cut is just another day at the office. This redhead decided to cut her long hair, and you won’t believe how she looks afterward.

When this redhead decided to cut her long hair, she had to take before pictures. So she went and took her before pictures with her long, luscious red hair. Once the photographer did his thing, it was time to get even more serious. She made her way to the hair stylist’s chair, where she proceeded to admire her hair in the mirror one last time. While most women would be freaking out about getting a haircut, she kept a brave smile.

The stylist began pinning up the hair. Once a small section of hair was pinned around the crown of her head, the stylist began shaving the sides. The stylist shaved it so short that it was nearly a buzz cut. Once the sides were shaved, the stylist unpinned the hair and let it hang down.

The stylist began trimming the top part of her hair to make sure everything looked perfect. Once that was complete, the stylist blow-dried her hair and sent her to the makeup room. After that, the model put on her fashion outfit and was ready to go in front of the camera for the second time. This redhead decided to cut her long hair, and then went back in front of the camera! Below is a video of this process. You have to watch it to believe it.

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