Oprah Almost Broke A Big Etiquette Rule At The Royal Wedding

Only Oprah could manage a complete outfit change just 24 hours before one of the biggest events of the decade. With a top-of-the-line fashion squad by her side, the billionaire boss was able to correct a fashion faux-pas the evening before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding.

The original beige dress Oprah intended to wear to the ceremony turned out to be much too light in photographs, almost resembling white. This etiquette problem was quickly resolved as the Stella McCartney team worked all night to create a new “blush pink” look for the star. The results were fantastic as she walked into St George’s Chapel, waving hello to photographers and mingling with guests in a luxurious and lacy two-tiered skirt and nude pumps.

Her ensemble was topped off with none other than a vintage Philip Treacy hat that, she later revealed on Instagram, had been in her closet since 2005. She added some new feathers to the chapeau to tie it all together and voilà, the perfect regal attire.

Earlier this year, it had been rumored that Oprah was planning a secret interview with Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland. Ragland was spotted leaving the A-lister’s mansion in March and caused speculation over an exclusive feature in the works. Although none of this is confirmed, they did have a long and meaningful conversation surrounding racial discrimination both in their personal lives, and in regards to the hate directed towards Meghan after the engagement. “What happened to Meghan and Harry was disgusting and they and all of their families were horrified. It’s an issue close to both Doria and Oprah, who have both suffered racism,” an anonymous source told The Mirror.

Thankfully, Oprah was spared the sneers thanks to her last-minute fix, however, adhering to proper etiquette guidelines amongst the royals is not a game. The rules concerning manners at the wedding were clear. Guests were not allowed to show off their shoulders or take any photos, especially selfies. Not conforming to these regulations would be highly disrespectful to the royal family and the other guests. Protocols during these occasions are normally followed down to the T, but that didn’t stop the newlyweds from making their own personal changes.

The tweaks made by the couple were mainly done to accommodate the bride’s wishes. Markle walked down the aisle alone and wasn’t “given away” as done traditionally, although Prince Charles did escort her for a little time. She also didn’t have a maid of honor and opted for an American speaker, Bishop Michael Curry, who is the leader of the American Episcopal Church, instead of a British priest. In addition, Harry decided he would be the first man in his family to wear a wedding band, according to PopSugar, and the two didn’t have the famous Buckingham Palace kiss.

Even though there were a few uncommon changes made by the two, Meghan Markle did in fact curtsy to the Queen. Against much suspicion by viewers, who voiced their concerns over Twitter that she didn’t do the gesture, Markle did pay her respects but was simply a victim of technical difficulties. The cameras missed the big moment and unfortunately, it wasn’t broadcasted. Nevertheless, a day filled with mishaps, confusion and last-minute changes, ended up being one of the most unforgettable and beautiful gatherings celebrated worldwide!

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