A Mom’s Footage Of Her Baby Girl Almost Tumbling Off Of A Bridge Ledge Goes Viral

Anyone who has ever had looked after a toddler knows that it’s not an easy gig. Despite their seemingly innocent yet wobbly presence, these little humans are like magnets to danger. Take your eyes off of them for one second and chaos finds a way to unleash. One father was quick to realize this when his baby girl almost tumbled off of a bridge ledge in the mere seconds he took to pose for a photo.

A couple was touring the sublimely scenic Yosemite National Park in California with their toddler, which quickly proved to be no easy feat. While crossing one of the many bridges the park has to offer, the family decided to stop to pose for a daddy-daughter photo. However, what they ended up capturing instead turned out to be much more memorable.

The father crouched down behind his meandering tot and threw on a funny face for the camera. However, in the milliseconds this dad diverted his attention, the toddler managed to take a few uncoordinated steps backward that almost sent her plummeting off of the bridge ledge.

Luckily, this father has some serious cat-like reflexes. Without losing eye contact with the camera, the dad managed to just grab his daughter’s arm in the nick of time. This almost disastrous moment might have been just a memory, but the wife began laughing after the incident before reassuring her husband, “I got that on video.”

Despite almost falling off of a bridge into whatever unkempt void lies below, this toppling tot appeared to be wildly unaffected as she walked over to the camera, laughing in the face of danger.

The couple uploaded their swift baby save to YouTube, writing, “Wife accidentally had it on video mode. It was a scary moment, but as you can see, we were able to laugh afterwards. We are thankful for each other and our lack of injuries.”

The 21-second recording ended up becoming much more than just a comical home video. The clip ended up going viral, receiving over 1 million views on YouTube in just a matter of days.

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