See Rihanna Fully Embrace Her New Curves In These Skin Tight Jeans

The Sun

Rihanna embraces her new curves in skin-tight jeans, and everyone is totally digging it. The singer was seen stepping out and showing off her new look. If you’re a celebrity, looking perfect is what your life is all about. You are being watched all day, every day, and if you look a little bit off…EVERYBODY notices.

Rihanna was always known for her petite figure, tight-fitting clothing and…revealing clothes. But in recent years, fans have been noticing that the singer is getting “thicker”, and it’s not insulting in any way. In fact, the singer is embracing her new curves and fans are all for it.

Maybe it’s a change in her diet or a change in her workout regime, but it’s definitely sending out positive messages for girls out there. If Rihanna doesn’t feel she needs to be a size 2, and not eat all the foods she loves, then neither do you!

Photos of “Thikanna” have been surfing around the web and some fans have turned to Twitter to express their love for the singer’s new body. One person tweeted, “Rihanna getting thick so there’s faith for me”. Another tweeted, “Rihanna getting thick and I’m loving every bit of it”.

The singer spoke to The Cut about what it’s like dressing for her body type, saying “I actually have had the pleasure of a fluctuating body type, where one day I can literally fit into something that is bodycon, and then the next day the next week- I need something oversized…”

But when it comes to skinny jeans, people who are more curvy feel like they aren’t able to rock them. I mean, I get it, some people just don’t want to flaunt their more…curvy bits. Though, maybe Rihanna embracing her new curves in skin-tight jeans may change opinions.

Rihanna has always been a trendsetter. Her unique wardrobe has always caught people’s attention, so when photos of her rocking skinny jeans the other day surfaced, people were left with a ton of questions…way more than answers.

What questions are we left with you may ask? Questions such as are skinny jeans now officially back? What the heck do we do with our mom jeans and boyfriend jeans that we brought into our wardrobe?

Rihanna embracing her new curves in skin-tight jeans is definitely making us think that we might need to cut out the oversized trend we’re seeing more and more.  There’s no way of answering these questions, but I assume Rihanna would say embrace your style and love your body.

The Sun

Also, if we really follow Rihanna’s style, we’d probably embrace both! Keeping up with the latest trends can make your closet overflow, and your bank account look pretty empty. So yes, Rihanna embracing her new curves is just saying…flaunt it!

The singer paired up her skinny jeans with a grey, warm sweater, and a fuzzy, baby blue jacket and topped it off with some white heels. The singer looked casual but still stylish as ever. Her hair slicked back adds a more relaxed feel to her overall look. She’s definitely embracing her new curves in these skin-tight jeans.  

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