Fans Profusely Drag Michael B. Jordan After Rumored Non-Black Girlfriend Surfaces

Ah, the year 2018. A new year, a fresh look on life, and for some, a year of fresh relationships. The year has for sure started out with a bang for Michael B. Jordan. He’s an actor, fitness model and right now the attention is on his love life.

But Jordan’s start for the new year isn’t necessarily starting off with a bang, well maybe it is but not the way that he was hoping for. There are videos that are going around the web of the actor bringing in the new year with a rumored new lady.

Don’t get us wrong, he looks extremely happy in the video, but unfortunately, some of his fans are not as happy. See, after fans saw that Jordan’s ALLEGED girlfriend is non-Black, people started giving him a piece of their mind. This was both on Twitter and Instagram.

Rumours have it that a Latina woman, named Ashlyn Castro, is apparently his new girlfriend. In the video footage, the girl cuddled up next to Michael as if they’ve been comfy and cozy with each other for a while now.

As soon as The Jasmine Brand posted photos and videos of the actor and his new rumored girlfriend, people gave some mixed reviews. Some people weren’t too happy that the actor was dating outside of his race. While others thought that no one has the right to judge him at all.

Some people were taking it pretty hard and decided to attack the actor where it would hurt the most. Any guesses where that is? That’s right, his bank account. They threatened to boycott his upcoming, highly anticipated movie, Black Panther.

Yepp, it was more than just jealous fans giving Michael a piece of their mind. It got pretty hardcore for Jordan on social media. Here are a few examples of the comments that people left regarding his new bae. It’ll give you a much clearer view of the situation.


One fan tweeted out “Michael B. Jordan thinks he’s slick tryna keep his exotical white IG hoe girlfriend a secret since Black Panther coming out. I see you b”. This fan definitely isn’t on the happy side of the actor dating this girl. There are those who did defend him.

Another fan tweeted, “ya’ll were cheering and rooting for Meghan Markle, Serena Williams and Rihanna for dating outside their race but as soon as Michael B Jordan does the same thing, ya’ll mad and outraged and probably say he hates his momma. But don’t mind me…”

This fan also came to defend Jordan on his choice of woman. She tweeted, “Insecurity is my biggest pet peeve…The fact that I can go look on Michael B Jordan IG and see him get bashed by thousands of black women all because he ain’t dating a black woman is sad. Stop saying ‘we don’t care who ya’ll like’ It’s a damn lie”.

Regardless if Michael B. Jordan is or is not dating this woman, it’s hard for fans to stay out of the relationship and not vocalize their opinions on the matter. Hopefully, Jordan isn’t letting the negative opinions affect his new relationship!

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