This Looks Like A Headless Body, It’s Actually A Person, Can You Spot it?

With one look at the headless hollow bodied woman below, you’d be convinced that this haunting visual was the result of some Photoshop wizardry. However, there’s no digital manipulation at play here whatsoever. This optical illusion was created entirely through the use of body paint and the transformation is equally as fascinating as the end result.

Serbian makeup artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic has amassed thousands of subscribers on YouTube for her collection of videos that display her impressive knack for cosmetic optical illusions. With the help of a black backdrop behind her, Milosevic paints the makeup on herself while looking in the mirror and manages to create mind-bending visuals that challenge our perception.

Despite lifting a veil on her illusions by showing a time-lapse of her process, Milosevic’s transformations are hypnotic as they are disorienting as you witness parts of her body disappear into the blackness. Starting with a brief sketch outline, Milosevic effortlessly details a hole around her collarbone before painting her neck black and making it appear as if her head’s floating above her body.

Once she covers her face entirely, the result is a seamless illusion of a headless woman with a gaping hole exposing a void interior. Taking the visual trickery one step further, Milosevic has someone’s hands enter the frame and pretend to grab at her collar opening.

A Headless Body, It's Actually A Person, Can You Spot it?YouTube / Mirjana Kika Milosevic

Mirjana Kika Milosevic managed to garner the Internet’s attention after her NYX Face Awards Serbia 2016 optical illusion entry of a wooden puppet doll went viral. Ever since Milosevic’s YouTube channel has accumulated over 14 million views and 97,000 subscribers.

Responding to fan questions in one of her videos, Milosevic revealed that she hasn’t been doing this type of art for long, stating, “I’ve been doing illusions since August of last year and before that, I had done some small illusions on my arm or leg.”

In just a matter of months of uploading this hollow body painting illusion to YouTube, Milosevic quickly amassed over one million views and counting. Continually proving her talent and creativity, Milosevic’s work has become featured by countless media outlets.

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