16 Toddlers Throwing Such Ridiculous Tantrums You Can’t Help But Laugh

16 Toddlers Throwing Such Ridiculous Tantrums You Can't Help But LaughKamelia Ilieva / Shutterstock.com

For little humans who are yet to know how bad life really gets, toddlers certainly throw tantrums a lot. We all wish we could return to a time where inconveniences like getting told “no” warranted a meltdown, but adulthood requires much more public composure.

When people have managed to have a cell phone longer than their entire life span, it makes sense how the tiny setbacks might feel like the end of the world. However, now that we’ve matured to see these nuisances as trivial, it only makes the over-dramatic nature of toddlers all the more hilarious.

Here are 16 toddlers who threw tantrums over reasons so ridiculous you can’t help but laugh at their untainted naivety.

1. If he thought his parents were cruel for not letting him keep this lobster as a pet, he’s in for a real rough awakening when he finds out where it’s going.

2. Considering their easily provoked frustration, It’s a good thing little kids can’t turn into the Incredible Hulk. The thought of little hulking green monsters running around amok is a haunting one.

3. Parents can be the ultimate buzzkill sometimes. Sure, they are just looking for our best interests, but there are some obstructed desires that can’t be placated so easily.

4. Have you ever gotten confusingly worked up over a hypothetical scenario you made up in your mind? This may be where that ability originates.

5. The fact that there are only some things you can eat is a confusing learning curve for kids when everything looks like a potential snack.

6. Despite the fact that most of us have learned to mask this frustration, a lot of us still feel it. It’s this unrelenting emotion that keeps fast-food restaurants in business.

7. Some of us were just not born morning people. The greeting may be good-natured, but if you don’t feel like hearing it, you don’t feel like hearing it.

8. No artist wants to have their creativity limited, and this ambitious drawer is having trouble coping with his restricted grip.

9. What is it about the dirt that is so appealing to kids? We may never know once we age out of toddlerhood, but one thing is for sure, it’s a meal that doesn’t go well interrupted.

10. This little boy will eventually thank his mother for not letting him out in public with an unwrapped tampon, but he’ll probably never thank her for all of the future girlfriends this picture will inevitably be shown to.

11. It doesn’t take much to prompt a little sibling rivalry, and clearly having to ride in the grocery cart three-legged race style was this little boy’s tipping point.

12. Having to understand that the night where neighbours give you free candy for no reason is limited to once a year is not an easy concept to grasp.

13. They say you should never meet your idols. Apparently, that statement rings even truer when they aren’t in costume. Every day Robert Downey Jr.? Not good enough!

14. You’ve been disillusioned with a lot of lies your parents told you as you grow up. From pretending to be Santa Claus to having an entire alter ego gone unmentioned, how are we ever supposed to learn to trust anyone?

15. Hey, at least this girl will be prepared when it comes to tax season with this type of dedication to hold on to receipts.

16. Life can be full of unpleasant surprises, but when those unwelcome curveballs are disguised in something you love, it’s only natural to feel deceived.

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