People Are Posting Hilarious Life Progress Pics That Will Make You Look Twice, Then Laugh

Almost everyone goes through some sort of progression during a lifetime. Granted it can be extremely difficult for some, but it’s not impossible if you set your mind to it and stay true to your goals. Images titled “life progress pics” are now going viral on Reddit and I must say that they’re incredibly impressive.

You’re probably thinking “I’ve seen progress pics before,” and maybe you have, but I can assure you that any fitness progress pic you have seen has nothing on these images.

Scroll down and check out the best life progress pics, chances are you’ll recognize a few of these people.

Depending on how old you are, this show was part of your early teenage years. After all those years living in that same apartment, they finally moved out and look at them now!

I have always been a fan of the rock band Green Day. The lead singer Mike Dirnt had some great vocals. But I am also secretly glad that he quit that life and took on another leading role as a politician. Made you look!

If you ever wondered what real fitness progress looks like then you should definitely take a look at the statue of David. You will never see a better transformation; although could he have at least put on some clothes? (godlesswickedcreep)

Do you enjoy tea? I know I do; and I also know that many people think that when they drink tea, they magically become fit. Well, the following gentleman only drank tea for six weeks and lost a total of $500. That’s pretty good progress! (NEGATIVE_COMMENTS)

No one likes a bully, but I can respect when a bully turns his life around. If you have seen the movie Toy Story then you definitely remember Sid. He tortured his toys to the point where they needed to escape. Well, I’m proud to say that he has now retired from bullying and is now a college student.

He started off as a lovable big fella who was hilarious in “The Wedding Ringer,” and is now fighting alongside dragons in Game of Thrones. It’s amazing what 12 years can do for someone. (OG_Bill_Brasky)

As far as life progress pics go, this has to be the best transformation I’ve seen to date. This individual left their horrible life in Michigan behind, started eating healthy, and has now become a rap icon! Would the real Slim Shady please stand up! (AbortionGhost)

Living in Hollywood can be a long and grueling life; especially for this individual. It took 50 years, but they finally became the man they knew they could be.

Losing pounds is never easy, but when you work hard and spend a lot, you can go from 210 pounds to zero pounds in just one week! Don’t believe me? Just look at the picture! (Demderdemden)

I’m a big fan of Star Wars, the early films, and the newer films. Unfortunately the films in the middle, which also star Obi-Wan Kenobi, I thought were terrible. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a positive story here. Obi-Wan Kenobi started off as a junky, but because the force was strong with this one, he cleaned up his act! (ak47revolver9)

Anyone who successfully beats cancer is a hero and winner in my books. But when you beat cancer, quit your job and start your own business, you become a legend. Sure your business may be illegal and highly dangerous, but it’s still yours. (StarLust)

Getting sober is difficult, but staying sober is even tougher. Hollywood can really change people, especially when they make it to the big screen. But for one of the most iconic sponges in the world, what he was is nothing to what he has now become after being 10 months clean! He definitely soaked something up! (philov)

This individual has had a tough road. He’s been overweight, been constantly ridiculed and even fought a midget at one point to show his dominance. But now he’s lost 40 pounds in the last six months and he’s never looked better! (RespectMyAuthoriteh)

This individual is another Star Wars character. The good news is that he was part of the early movies that took us on a journey. The bad news is that he was grossly overweight. But reports indicate that after 18 months of hard work, he’s finally reached his weight goal. Dreams can come true unless you were one of the lucky ladies to be sitting on this guy before he lost weight. (NEWBURNz)

Don’t think that eating healthy can regress into progress? Just ask this doctor turned playboy! With only three months of healthy eating, he’s now Mr. Sexy! (kindnesd99)

Who says that the penal system doesn’t work? This individual was in prison for arson and robbery. At one point he even threatened to kidnap the president’s son. But six years later, he’s happily married with children and was even the best man at his friend’s wedding. The only stipulation was the wedding had to be at his house because the bracelet wouldn’t let him 100 feet outside his house.

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