24 Strangers Who Busted Into Other People’s Photos And Made Them Even Better

People go to great lengths to take the perfect shot, but sometimes, the best pictures aren’t planned at all. Timing can play a crucial role in photography, especially when that hopeful click ends up capturing something unexpected. These accidental snaps can become par for the course when taking pictures out in public where anything can happen. From unsuspecting passerby to those who have mastered the art of a good photobomb, sometimes the intended subjects of the photo aren’t the only ones who end up saying “cheese!”

There are times where these unexpected photo cameos can spoil the picture, but there are other times where an unintended subject can make the photo so much better.

The following pictures fell victim to intrusion, however, they became Internet favorites because of it. Here are 24  strangers who busted into other people’s photos to hilarious results.

1. There are some big life moments that you want to have documented forever, and a proposal is one that certainly ranks pretty high up there. However, this man’s decision to propose became overshadowed by one stranger’s seriously poor timing. It’s always a gamble when making a jaunt past an aimed lens, and this guy’s face shows that he is completely aware that he did not end up lucky.

Reddit /u/ SpnkyHappy

2. When you get arrested on the beach, the chances of your police escorting being captured by at least one group of bikini-clad girls is probably higher than you might think. However, rarely are premature mugshots this full frontal. These cops knew exactly what they were doing when they chose their route.

3. This grandmother might not know what photobombing is, but she doesn’t have to, she’s already mastered the art of subtle intrusion. Had this photographer decided to go landscape, this grandmother’s casual window gazing may have gone forever unnoticed. Luckily, she ended up making the cut, although in a slightly unnerving ghost-like way.

4. You’d think that a photographer who goes around lugging his own tripod would be able to tell when there’s a photo shoot in progress, but apparently not. This scenic couple photo quickly became a threesome, which eclipsed the romantic angle pretty quickly. They might not have ended up with a swoon-worthy picture, but at least they can laugh at it.

5. This sea lounger took a leap of faith in guessing that these girls did not have their hands collectively raised because they were asking a question and decided to pose as well. You can only imagine how long it probably took these girls to notice their unsolicited group addition.

6. There’s always the risk of an unexpected photobomb when taking wedding pictures in public, but these newlyweds definitely did not see this one coming. Their Santorini wedding happened to coincide with a Red Bull parkour competition and just so happened to capture one of the competitors jumping right over them.

7. You have to wonder just how long it took this mother to zoom in to notice that she was capturing more than just a scenic view. Old school cannons certainly make for a great photo op, but clearly, some people have their own way of going about it. Poor kid.

8. When you decide to pop the question to your significant other, this is the reaction that you hope will follow, but you really can’t predict a stranger’s reaction. This passerby almost looks more surprised than this newly engaged woman. In all fairness, unlike the bride-to-be, she would have had no idea that it was coming.

Reddit /u/ smashes11

9. Most of the time, when you’re reviewing your photos and realize you’ve been photobombed, it’s something to laugh at. However, these three probably didn’t find this clown photo invasion all that funny. It’s probably a safe bet to say that this trio looked over their shoulders a lot more than usual after seeing this picture.

10. Unlike most photobombs, this one might actually be an easy Photoshop or even crop fix. However, this ambitious jumper’s splash might have resulted in more of a rage-inducing aftermath than the photo intrusion itself. That looks like it’s going to be one rough landing, but his pain might end up being the least of his concerns.

11. These two might have had a night to remember, but the good vibes were clearly not universally shared. Whatever prompted this girl to simultaneously raise two middle fingers at this formal event may be unclear, but it’s evident that she has had enough, and now can always revisit this charming evening moment.

12. If you go to a tourist attraction as popular as Mount Rushmore, you’re bound to see numerous families standing in front taking pictures. However, not every family is as close with one another. Chances are, this family had no idea that the background of their picture captured a little brother sister squabble.

13. There are a lot of beautiful scenic views in Iceland to take pictures of, but sometimes it’s the people that make the photo extra special. When you’re taking pictures in front of a popular tourist spot, you’re bound to also capture tourists, and some have more of a sense of humor than others.

14. “Me and my wife’s favorite wedding photo,” this happy new couple shared on Imgur. “Until we saw that was between us. We still don’t know who it was.” It’s not often you hear a wedding photo described as creepy, but this one certainly manages to have an unnerving quality to it.

15. Russian nesting dolls may seem adorable until you happen to see one in the flesh. It’s unclear whether this photobomb was intentional or not, but either way, nothing good could have come for the girl on the left after this photo was taken. That is a look that holds an unyielding grudge.

16. This couple may not officially be parents yet, but this guy has already prematurely mastered the art of the dad joke. Hopefully, his wife shares the same sense of humor. Just because she’s carrying life doesn’t mean all stomachs can be celebrated equally. Pregnancy photo shoots could really use a more comedic flare.

17. When you’re working as a waiter, you really have to be prepared for anything when transporting people’s meals from the kitchen to their table, apparently even children tripping into awkward places. This couple must have been seriously confused when the person who took this picture burst out laughing after reviewing the shot.

Imgur / sarkytyke

18. You can just see the instant regret in this cyclist’s shoulder raise during his poorly timed bike through. Chances are, this wedding party got enough photo ops that one obstructed shot won’t really detract from their big day, but that doesn’t change the fact that this guy probably felt a guilt that lingered for quite a few blocks.

Reddit /u/ fozzyfreakingbear

19. Every good photobomber knows that timing is everything. You’re not working with the photographer, you’re working on your own, which means placement has to be perfect for the moment the camera snaps. This man may have managed to master the art, but had he not, this could have just been embarrassing.

20. Halloween parties offer photobombers a truly special advantage: a disguise, which only makes the opportunities for photo sabotage endless. This happy couple had no idea that melancholia was lingering just behind them. The only thing that would make this picture better is if these two do not know that girl and never saw her again.


21. It’s already quite a mission to pull off a solid photobomb on your own, but a group photobomb is a whole other league of dedication to the craft. This background family has some serious coordination skills to be able to pull this off in the time these unsuspecting ladies had their photo taken.

22. If you see someone photobombing someone else, you can either laugh or join in to make the end result all the better. Whoever was the original photobomber here somehow managed to cause a chain reaction. This girl may have thought she was getting a photo of herself, but she ended up with a group shot.

23. You have to appreciate the effort and potential risk that would be required to kiss for the camera on a roller coaster, especially one called Wild Thing. While they may be able to control their lip-locking, they can’t control the other passengers on the ride, but these two backseat thrill-seekers seem to be having a better time.

24. For most people, it’s not every day that you get to visit the headquarters of the world’s largest software maker, Microsoft, so it makes sense to want to document the experience. However, this guy had no idea that his selfie was about to be intruded by the co-founder of Microsoft himself, Bill Gates.

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