8 Incredible Treasures Discovered By Accident


How many of us dreamed of discovering treasures as children? Living the life of Indiana Jones, traveling the world to find priceless jewels and artifacts. Those are fairy tales, but that’s not to say that treasures aren’t found in everyday life.

Some of the best-discovered treasures are found in the most random places. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.

Below you will find stories of treasures discovered by people in the most unexpected places.

Declaration of Independence: In 1989, a man purchased a $4 painting. He found a folded up paper behind the frame which turned out to be the original copy of the Declaration of Independence. David N. Redden, the head of the book and manuscript department at Sotheby’s announced the discovery in 1991. It auctioned for $2,420,000.

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Depression-Era Currency: In 2006, contractor Bob Kitts was tearing Amanda Reece’s bathroom. He found two green metal boxes. Inside were envelopes containing rare bills from the 1920’s. The depression-era currency is valued at $180,000.

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Jackson Pollock: In 1992, Teri Horton bought a painting as a birthday present for $5 from a local thrift store. At a yard sale, an art teacher told Horton it was a Jackson Pollock. Experts examined it and found the artists fingerprints on it. Horton wouldn’t sell it for less than $50 million.

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Magnolias on Gold Velvet Cloth: This painting was used to cover a hole in the wall. The owner realized its value after playing the board game Masterpiece. In 1999, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston purchased the painting for $1.25 million.

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Treasure Chest: A group of people in the Netherlands found a treasure chest in a local forest. They have a Youtube channel where they upload their findings. Unfortunately they didn’t get the chest opened on video.

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Golden Treasure of Panagyurishte: In 1949, the  discovered this treasure while working in the clay pit. It’s made of 24-carat cold and the person who owned them was from the 3rd century BC.


Baseball Cards: February, 2011, Karl Kissner found 700 baseball cards in his attic that belonged to his grandfather. Experts described this as the most exciting find in sports collecting history. Experts also say the cards could be worth $2-3 million.


Superman Comic: In 2013, contractor David Gonzalez found a Superman comic book with newspapers that was used to insulate the walls. Several weeks later David sold the comic book for $175,000. Instead of Superman, more like Luckyman.


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