16 Pregnant Animals That Show The Beauty Of Motherhood

Mama. The word used to describe a birth giver who spends months of their lives with a full belly but an even fuller heart. It’s the most exciting time when babies are slowly growing inside and getting ready to enter the real world.

The animal kingdom isn’t much different than humans when it comes to expecting their little ones. The bond they develop with their offspring is incredibly strong as it all starts from the time of pregnancy.

Just as humans, the tender love and care animals experience throughout pregnancy is very similar, the only difference being that animals just look a little bit cuter doing it. Caution: You’re about to enter an adorable zone. Prepare yourself for 16 of the cutest creatures that make the best of their pregnancy.

This pregnant meerkat shows that there’s at least one upside of having a giant belly and that’s using it as an armrest when it’s been a long day.

This adorably pregnant cat appears to be waiting on her human master to come give her belly a rub. Massages are key to a relaxing pregnancy.

It’s not often you see a belly like this on a goat. From this angle, she appears to be gaining the kind of weight that Sir Mix a Lot sings about.

Pregnancy is surely not an easy gig, but it’s the ultimate excuse when it comes to lounging around all day without having to receive any type of judgment.

This panda is clearly feeling like a supermodel while posing for those necessary pregnancy photo shoots. However, you don’t see many pregnant women climbing trees for theirs.

Eating for two and asking for dessert because you’re pregnant and no one is going to judge the amount of pounds you pack on when creating life.

There’s nothing quite like visiting your vet and letting them pamper you with that cool feeling, breezy liquid gel. This soon-to-be mother bat seems to be enjoying herself.

Loungin’ on your throne waiting for your man to come home with food because you are now a Queen, the ruler of all.

This pregnant seal knows that she doesn’t have to worry about how she acts because her offspring will always love her even the more moody of days.

Being your true introverted self and going on long, relaxing walks is not as lonely when you’re carrying a little one with you along the way.

This pregnant orangutan appears to be smirking almost as if she realizes that it’s only a matter of time before she gets to meet the important loves of her life.

Everyone, human or animal, always manage to look fabulous during pregnancy due to that natural and beautiful glow that comes radiating off of them.

When you just want to cuddles at all times of the day because you’re pregnant, no one can refuse your commands.

This pregnant rabbit almost looks like she’s worried about what she might have said when she was hungry. However, the pregnancy card luckily means all will forgive.

There’s nothing quite as adorable as a pregnant dog who looks like she’s just so incredibly excited knowing that she’s about to become a mom.

In the end, being able to enjoy your time with your creations is the best part of becoming a mother. Pregnancy is just one thing that’s beautiful across all species.

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