24 Hilariously Perfect Solutions For Everyday Problems

There are everyday things that happen that bother us every single day. Most of us go along with it thinking that it’s something we have to deal with.

It’s a part of life, we tell ourselves. But the truth is, we are able to come up with solutions to these everyday problems we find ourselves in.

The list below includes photos of 24  hilarious solutions for everyday problems that people came up with.

1. This Doorbell: We have all had the unfortunate experience of having solicitors come to our doors to sell us something. And we have all had the experience of our UPS delivery person not sticking around if someone doesn’t immediately answer the door. This person came up with a hilarious solution for those problems. They added stickers on their doorbell. This is sure to keep the solicitors away and keep the UPS person around.

2. One-Eyed Cat: For anyone out there who has owned an animal that only had one-eye, this might be a solution for you. This person had a cat with only one eye and decided to put on a fake stick-on eye in its place. The cat doesn’t look pleased this is happening to him. But the owner thought it was a hilarious solution to the cat having one eye.

3. How To Get Rid Of People Through Text: For everyone out there who has received a text from someone and never replied, but that person kept texting you. This is for you. This girl’s friend came up with a hilarious solution to this every problem: fake an error text back to them. This is sure to make the person think the number has changed or that your phone or their phone isn’t in a messaging location.

Instagram /u/ @giadre26

4. Open A Book With A Hanger: When we are learning a new recipe and trying to cook it, we become flustered or frustrated. The book the recipe is in never stays open to that page and we have to find a way to keep the book open as we are cooking. This lady found a hilarious solution to this problem. She uses a clothes hanger to hang the book up and keep it open to the recipe page.

5. These Hairy Abs: There is an immense pressure we put on ourselves as humans to look our best. For guys its having sculpted abs. But for all those out there who don’t have abs but have hair on their torso, this is a hilarious solution for you. This guy decided to shave the hair on his torso into looking like he had sculpted abs. If this is what you’ve dreamed of looking like, grab your razor now.

Facebook /u/ MeanwhileInAustrailia

6. Get All That Toothpaste Out: Getting the last little bits of toothpaste out of the tube is difficult. If you’ve ever thrown out your toothpaste even though you knew there was more of it inside the tube, this is for you. This person came up with the hilarious solution to use a paperclip to squeeze all the toothpaste out of the tube. This will help you save money and make the most of what you spent.


7. Mac Bottle Opener: There are times when we buy bottled beer thinking that it’s a twist cap. Then we go to grab that beer bottle out of the fridge only to find out it isn’t a twist cap. For the people who don’t own a bottle opener, this is a hilarious solution for you. Grab the charger for your macbook and use it as a bottle opener. You’ll be sipping that beer in no time.

8. Drill Hole Puncher: One pet peeve for many people is when paper doesn’t come with holes to place them in a binder. When this happens we are left devastated because we don’t own a hole puncher of our own. But with the hilarious solution this person came up with, you won’t have to fret anymore. Next time this happens grab your drill and drill through the paper, this will do the trick.

9. Dogs Allowed: This is a hilarious solution to both humans and dogs. When an owner and their dog see those no dog signs their hearts die a little. But this owner and his companion decided to sit the dog against the “no” in the sign. This is a hilarious solution to the no dogs allowed problem.

10. Read The Shirt: Teachers get a lot of dumb questions given to them throughout the year. It seems like this teacher has had enough. A lot of his students were asking about assignments and tests and he got sick of answering the questions. His hilarious solution was to make a t-shirt that said, “it’s in the syllabus.” This will save him from repeating things he has already said.

11. Here’s Johnny: There are many reasons why there are holes in our walls and doors. But the fact is, we don’t like that they are there and we are always looking for ways to cover them up. This roomate came up with a hilarious solution to the hole in his door. When his friend punched a hole in his door he decided to pay homage to the film “The Shining”. For anyone who has seen the film, this is hilarious.

12. Bottled Dishwasher: When you live with other people it’s a fact that some of your stuff is going to get taken or used. But this roomate came up with a hilarious solution to hiding her liquor bottles from her roomates. They never do the dishes in the dishwasher so she decided to place her liquor bottles in the dishwasher. Those bottles haven’t been touched by anyone other than her since.

13. Lego Chair: Those chairs that are able to move up and down tend to have a mind of their own. When you sit on them they tend to gradually lower, which is really frustrating. This guy came up with a hilarious solution to this problem. He taped lego pieces below the seat in the perfect position so his seat wouldn’t lower anymore. If you have one of these chairs, this might be a solution for you.

14. Hulk Smash: Most people have had the unfortunate experience of having a dent in the side of their car. These dents never look good and a lot of the time they are too expensive to get fixed. But the owner of this car came up with a hilarious solution to fix the appearance of the dent. They decided to graffiti “Hulk Smash,” on top of it. This is hilarious for any fan of the Marvel hero.

15. This Argument Ender: Siblings always fight, it’s in their nature. And it’s a headache for the parents of these children. For any of you parents out there with more than one child, follow what this dad did. His hilarious solution to his children arguing was to place dividers between them in the car. Now they can’t see each other which makes it impossible for them to continue fighting. Problem solved.

16. Buy Your Abs Here!: Abs are something many people want to attain. This man decided to make a profit off of people wanting abs, so he made a hilarious solution to the ab problem. He sells strap-on abs in the street to people. If you are someone who wants abs but doesn’t want to go through the hassle of working for them, this is for you.


17. Sharpie Sock: For some reason, socks tend to get a lot of holes in them. It becomes frustrating to a lot of us because we have to constantly buy more. If you don’t have the money to do this, this is the hilarious solution for you. Just as this girl did, sharpie the part of your foot that is exposed with the hole. This will make it appear as though you don’t have a hole in your sock at all.

18. Out Of Service Sign: There will come a time when all of us have had the unfortunate experience of having a room next to the ice machine in a hotel. These machines make a lot of noise throughout the night and keep us from sleeping. But this person came up with a hilarious solution to this problem. Just stick an Out Of Service sign on the ice machine. This will make people believe it’s actually out of service, and you will have a good night’s sleep.

19. It’s My Microwave: When at the office it’s a custom for many people to use the same appliances in the staff room. This coworker had a problem with that. She brought her own microwave to work with her and decided to put a lock around it so no one else could use it. If you have a problem with people using your appliances, this might be the hilarious solution for you.

20. This Homemade Direction Sign: If you live in a building you have had the experience of your UPS delivery person not coming up the stairs to deliver your product. Especially if your package is heavy and big. This person noticed that after some big delivery packages UPS stated that her apartment didn’t exist. She decided the hilarious solution was to make a sign to state that her apartment number did exist.

21. This Runaway Baby: For all you parents out there this one is for you. Babies are always trying to crawl away when you aren’t looking. These parents came up with a hilarious solution to this problem. They clipped the baby’s onesie to the cribs legs so when the baby went to crawl away it couldn’t. Though this will probably make your baby really upset, it will assure you know exactly where your baby is.

Reddit /u/ viralcar

22. This Snow Shovel: Let’s face it, not everyone owns a shovel. When the unexpected snow falls, not everyone is well equipped to deal with it. This man came up with a hilarious solution to not having a shovel one winter. He attached a piece of wood to the end of his rake. There will never be another excuse to not shovel your driveway.

23. This Dog in the Shower: Many pet owners understand the bond between an owner and their pet. There is an attachment that grows quickly between the two of you. When this owner heard their dog begin weeping when they went into the shower they were heart broken. They ended up bringing the dog into the shower with them and sitting them in the shower basket. This is a hilarious solution to not having to hear your pet cry because they miss you.

24. Don’t Use My Chair: Some people get really protective over their spot on the couch or their favorite chair to sit in. If you are one of these people then this might be the hilarious solution you’ve been waiting for. If you don’t want someone to sit on your chair, write that on top of the seat for all to see. This will surely send a clear message.

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