12 Good Things Happening Around The World Right Now

I know that I just wrote an article talking about 25 creepy facts and reminding readers that the world is, I believe I called it nightmare fuel. And hey hey. That is still very much true. However, there are a ton of good things happening in the world as well.

But, the good news is that the world is still very much a pretty cool place with some fascinating things happening that will actually make you feel good about your day. 

We’ll be travelling all over the world for these facts and not just focus on the ones in your own neighbourhood such as how the pumpkin spice latte is back and dogs exist.

NASA released all of their research to the public and it won’t cost you a thing to access it. If you head on over to https://www.nasa.gov/open/researchaccess you’ll be able to take a look at all the incredible things NASA has researched over the years.

There’s a cat in New Zealand who has been sneaking out and stealing men’s underwear and socks. I mean, it’s not good news for the guys who keep getting their undies jacked but it’s gonna put a smile on our faces.

Bob Ross has a YouTube channel! You all remember his calm demeanour, curly hair, and putting a “happy little bush” in the corner of your landscape paintings. Well, the gem is back and he’s on YouTube.

Southwest Airlines donated a flight so animals affected by Hurricane Harvey could be accommodated. Helen Woodward Animal Center of San Diego took in 60 pets from Houston so those caught in the hurricane would have space in the animal shelters in Houston.

Canine Cellmates allow prisoners to be with pups before they go to their forever home. The results were amazing with the prisoners saying the program changed their life.

A 12-year study shows that taking vitamin B3 could reduce the risk of birth defects and miscarriages for pregnant women.

We’re close to ridding the world of the Guinea Worm parasite and polio. There have been less than ten cases recorded as of 2016-2017 for each.

The Magic School Bus is coming back to our small screens on September 26. The Netflix show will even have Lily Tomlin reprise her role as Miss Frizzle.

Phone companies such as Verizon and Telus are offering free services like phone calls, data charges, and texts for victims of Hurricane Irma.

A college football team asked the sold-out stadium to wave to the Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital across the way, where the children waited excitedly for the hellos.

Due to a series of oxygen treatments, a team of doctors was able to resuscitate and reverse a 2-year-old girl’s brain damage after she drowned in a pool.

There is a website called emergencycompliment.com that generates a series of random compliments for whenever you may need one. It also keeps going until you’ve had your fill.

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