Man Left Embarrassed After Flaunting His Muscles In Front Of The Wrong Woman

Anyone who has ever been to a major sporting event will be familiar with the always awkward kiss cam that prompts couples to smooch on the jumbotron. However, one football game introduced a “Flex Cam,” which initiates the audience to show off their muscles.

If you regularly hit the gym, this might be an opportunity to shine, but one unlucky guy ended up being put to some serious public shame. During a football game intermission at the Philadelphia Soul arena, the “Flex Cam” came out and scanned the unsuspecting audience.

The camera’s first target was a man who was quick to lift up his sleeve and boast some bicep. However, the two women sitting behind him were clearly less than impressed with his self-assured display. Embarrassing? Sure. Does it get worse? Absolutely.

The camera cut away just as the man was seemingly confronting these two mocking women and gave the rest of the crowd a chance to flex it out on the big screen. However, this did not end up being the end of their short-lived jumbotron story. The cameraman decided to return to where they started, which resulted in one hulking surprise for not only this man but the rest of the audience as well.

The “Flex Cam” decided to revisit this sports fan and he used the opportunity to once again egotistically show off his muscles. However, in the midst of his posing, the woman behind him decided to rightfully steal the spotlight.

Little did this guy know, his backseat neighbor had some serious muscle of her own. The woman stood up and tore off her jean jacket to reveal hulking arms that undeniably one-upped the now red-faced flexer.

If being publicly humiliated in front of an arena full of people wasn’t bad enough, Philadelphia Soul uploaded the video to their YouTube channel where it quickly went viral. The footage managed to amass over 13 million views.

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