10 Signs That You Aren’t Lazy, You’re a Genius


Do you spend hours on your bed staring at the ceiling, talking to yourself as a pastime rather than doing stuff you will most likely regret neglecting after? Do you perhaps, spend days binge-watching your favorite television series that you’ve seen time and time again?

If you spend even a day doing absolutely nothing (and everyone knows because you failed to update others on social media), you’ve guessed it! You’re officially lazy, according to your parents and the seemingly hyperactive world on the internet.

It turns out your lack of motivation and sluggish behavior deems you an exceptionally intelligent or creative being. So, If it’s any consolation, you may not be lazy at all but a genius.

1. Talking to yourself: Experts suggest that doing so helps you concentrate, put your thoughts in order which then leads to achieving desired success.

2. Having very few friends: Fewer people to interact with equals less stress and social anxiety leaving you with more time to focus on your well-being and goals.

3. Seeming stagnant: Although it may seem like you are doing nothing, in actuality you are not working because, as a genius, you have too many ideas running through your mind.

4. Taking your time:  To some people, working on one thing at a time rather than multitasking may seem lazy. In reality, lazy people take their time to get the job done right when they get around to it of course.

5. Messiness: As a result of one’s  lazy nature, they may skip that extra step in cleaning after themselves. Being messy allows you to break out of tradition and discover new, unconventional ways to do things. Genius.

6. Doodling: Do you find yourself drawing randomly whenever there is a piece of paper in front of you? Doodling helps people come up with new concepts, pay attention to detail and retain information.

7. Nonchalant: As a lazy person, you can handle day-to-day life in even extreme cases, rather calmly creating the best case solution in the long run. For instance, lying hungry for hours because you are too lazy to get something to eat which is a great skill in the case of a sudden national famine.

8. Delegate tasks to others: You aren’t lazy, you are a leader who knows how to give tasks to get the job done quicker. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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9. Efficiency: You are far too lazy to do anything you don’t need to do.  It would only make sense for a genius to find shortcuts to do things others would take ages to do.

10. Taking Naps: Our brains are organs that get tired and need little boosts now and then to be alert and function at their best potential. Be smart and take more naps: take more naps and be smart!

In the day and age of incredibly advanced technology and social media outlets, it seems as though everyone is constantly busy and in one way or another being productive. Not only is there some fancy appliance to get the job done, there is also Instagram to show everyone what you’ve been up to and Twitter to share the details.

But, just in case you aren’t technologically savvy and up to date with the latest gadgets, or quick to run to your news feeds and share the news, be rest assured that you are just as productive and brilliant as the hardest workers known to man-kind from your bed. Oh, and whether you have white lines on your thumbnails or not, you could still be lazy and genius.


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