Does Your Home Need A Deep Clean? Expert DIYer Shares 8 Must-Follow Tips For The Deepest Clean

Many people consider themselves to be very clean and organized. But just because your house *looks* clean, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Even if it’s just once in a while, you should commit to a deep house cleanse.

Some people refer to it as spring cleaning, some as a deep clean, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the spring. Cleaning every nook and cranny of your house can be a difficult task so try to have someone help you. It’ll make the process more fun.

Today, we’ve brought you a list of DIY cleaning tips and tricks to achieve the deep clean of your dreams. After you’re through, your house will look and smell fresher than it has ever been before. That’s a guarantee!

1) Vents: Vent covers can be difficult to deep clean on account of the little slits and the dust and dirt that can gather from the air blowing out of them. To clean them, remove them from their slots, wipe them down, and toss them into your dishwasher. All they need is a short cycle with water only, and before you know it, they’ll be shining like they’re brand new.

2) Toilets: Shiny toilet bowls will make your whole washroom look clean. To achieve this, turn off the water supply to your toilet and flush it until it’s empty. Afterwards, cover your siphons with duct tape and pour some vinegar into the toilet tanks then flush! The vinegar will stay inside the siphon. Let it sit overnight. In the morning, remove the tape and turn the water back on.

3) Pillow: Your head and face rest on your pillow every night, so they’re probably not the cleanest surfaces. Commit to a deep clean, and throw two pillows in your washing machine on the hot cycle with one cup of bleach and detergent. DIY cleaning tip: place a tennis ball in the cycle so the pillows don’t lose their shape.

4) Sink: Cover your sink with a layer of baking soda then scrub it in with s sponge. Afterwards, pour some hydrogen peroxide into your sponge and scrub the sink again. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then wash it out. Your sink will shine bright like a diamond.  

5) Wash your rug: I know you think that the coffee (or wine) you spilled on your rug and tried to scrub away is completely gone, but it probably isn’t. Lay your rug on a flat surface and hose it completely down. To make extra sure that your rug is squeaky clean, use laundry detergent in areas where you know you spilled something and scrub it out with a bristle brush. Finally, squeeze out the excess water and leave it out to dry.

6) Electric stove burners: Did you know that you can completely remove them? Well, that will make a heck of a difference when you clean! Take them off and remove any food or gunk that fell into the little crevice. Wipe the stove burners down, then reattach them.

7) You use your brooms to clean, but do you clean your brooms? Otherwise, you’re just spreading dirt all over the ground again! Soak your broom into a bucket of warm water with dish soap inside. Let it air dry before you put it away and remember to spray your brooms with disinfectant after each use.

8) Ever wondered how to get your stainless steel appliances shiny again? Mix a few drops of water with cream of tartar and use a sponge to scrub all stainless steel appliances. We promise that they will look brand new!

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