20 Funny Attempts To Recreate Old Family Photos


Childhood pictures; you either love them or you do everything you can to avoid them. It seems like our parents are the only people who can really enjoy pictures of ourselves when we were kids. 

That was the case until this internet trend happened.

You might have seen them floating around on Facebook or Twitter. A group of people take a picture from their childhood and then recreate it, 20-30 years later. The results are always hilarious.

There’s even a subreddit dedicated to these pictures, r/PastAndPresentPics. We’ve collected our favorite ones in a list. Here are the 20 funniest attempts at recreating childhood pictures:

1. The caption to this image is: “A friend of mine and her nephew.” We have to admit, they both aged really well. Such a handsome pair of people!

2. Here’s a group of siblings. They have the same faces, same car, but a different dog. Dare we ask what happened to the puppy in the first picture?

3. The picture on the left looks like the perfect Christmas morning. Everyone is in their pajamas, you can see a train set and a teddy bear, plus the wholesome sibling love—so sweet!

4. This is from a Reddit user who took on a very special project for his parents. He decided to gift them a calendar of him and his brother recreating their childhood pictures. 

5. It wasn’t a Catholic childhood if you didn’t have to recreate a nativity scene at least once (whether at home, at church or at school). Baby Jesus looks so uncomfortable in both photos.

6. Something tells me that if this mother had posted the picture at the top today, she’d have received a flurry of angered Facebook comments about the baby’s back. The good old times.

7. One of the wonderful things about these recreations is that you get to see the range of personalities, and how they translated over time. You can tell a lot about these siblings from their faces alone.

8. It’s nice to see that this guy kept the crazy eyes since he was a baby. And the sweater. He must have been a pretty funny baby judging by this picture.

9. There’s so much to cover in these pictures. The parents still look great in their giant sweaters. The kids grew up to look adorably alike. This is wholesome family goals.

10. If the picture at the top had been posted today (or the video it’s taken from), it would have definitely gone viral. Those eyes, that mouth, that weird crouch—what’s going on?

11. The room and the furniture might have changed, but the level of adorable within this family stayed the same. 

12. I have so many questions. Where are they going wearing those matching outfits? Why didn’t a parent stop that toddler from picking his nose? I guess it was all intentional. 

13. This isn’t from the subreddit, but it deserves a special mention. Ellen Degeneres and her prom date, Richard, in 1976 and again in 2005. 

14. Wow, the layers in this picture (or the lack of)! Those shades, the winter setting, and the fact that both dad and son have powerful genes—such a classic.

15. There are very few things as adorable as the picture of that little toddler on the left. Except, maybe, the recreation of said picture many years later. 

16. Some of these recreations are funny. Some of them are downright jealousy-inducing. How is it fair that this couple looks good both in the before and the after pictures? I want to return my genes to the gene store.

17. Little Robin Hood grew up to become…exactly what I imagine Robin Hood would look like. Bless that man and his overalls, he’s truly living.


18. You have to admire the level of commitment some of these pictures use. Here we see the same location, the same props, and the near-identical facial expressions.

19. This would be such a cute mother’s day card. If I was the person who gave birth to this man, I’d laugh, then cry, then laugh-cry and stick this picture on the fridge.

20. Ah, yes, bad Halloween costumes. Who didn’t have to wear one as a kid? I can tell 90% of these costumes were made by mom and her sewing machine.

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