Biggest Movie Mistakes From Recent Movies That You Probably Missed

Most of us, when we watch movies, don’t really notice the mistakes that occur during the film. Sometimes they are really hard to notice. You have to admit, it’s way easier to see the mistakes prior to all the special effects and improved technology.

But interestingly enough, even with all the special effects and crazy technology we have today, you can still notice some mistakes. We are all human, so when people are editing films, it’s totally normal for them to miss some minor details.

I’m sure if you watched a movie multiple times, you’d eventually catch onto some editing mistakes that were made. You kinda feel accomplished when you spot them. If you’ve never spotted any mistake, don’t worry. Here’s a list of some of the biggest movie mistakes from recent movies that you probably missed. You’ll for sure notice them now!

1. Attention all Star Wars fans. In “The Empire Strikes Back”, there’s a scene where Luke is climbing up underneath an imperial walker. It looks really cool, but there’s a small slip up at the fall. If you look closely, you’ll notice the stick that was being used by the crew in order to push the model of the walker over.

2. In the “Wonder Woman” trailer, fans were pretty angry at Gal Gadot’s armpits. They noticed that it was digitally played with, leaving her with super clean armpits. Fans also couldn’t understand where on earth this woman would have found a razor to shave the hair at the time that the movie took place. Let’s be real, she probably would’ve had hairy pits!

3. If anyone spotted this minor mistake, they should be given the prize for best eyes ever made. But if you’ve seen this movie a few times you might have noticed that in “The Dark Knight Rises”, as Bruce Wayne is researching the jewel thief, the word “Heist” is spelled “Heist” in a newspaper headline.

4. In “Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl”, a crew member makes it into a shot. When Jack says “On deck, you scabrous dogs,” if you look all the way to the left edge of the shot, you’ll notice a tanned man, in a tank top, rocking a cowboy hat. The man is just looking out to see. Pretty sure he’s not a pirate.

5. “The Avengers” had a lot going on in the film. I mean, you had a number of superheroes in the film, how could you possibly notice a minor mistake right? Well, in the big battle against the Chitauri, Captain America is hit with a blaster bolt. His suit is pretty damaged when Thor helps him to his feet. But when Iron Man destroys the Chitauri, the damage is completely gone! It’s like magic…

6. Okay, this might be something you notice when you are bored watching the movie, and your mind wanders elsewhere. But in “Toy Story”, when the Pez duck is lowered down through the removed lightbulb hole, in order to ring the doorbell, did you notice that the light bulb was actually bigger than the hole? But somehow they managed to bring it up the hole to remove it? Guess that’s the magic of cartoons…

7. Gal Gadot was incredible in “Wonder Woman”. You were probably so mesmerized by her that you didn’t notice any mistakes during the film right? Well, when Chris Pine’s character, Steve Trevor, was getting out of the bath and getting dressed, you could hear him zip up his pants. But…zippers weren’t used during that time. WHOOPS!

8. Ah, “Forrest Gump is”, a true classic. But did you ever notice that in the scene where Forrest goes to visit Jenny and is introduced to his son, there is an iron in the background? It’s on top of the ironing board. Well first it stands up, then is laid down, then is standing up again. Also, if you didn’t notice, the kid’s artwork in the background also happens to disappear.

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