Tattoo Trend Takes Over Instagram And These 12 Pictures Will Make You Want To Get One Too

When people want a change in their lives, some change their hair color, some go on a new trending diet and then there are those who turn to tattoos and piercings. The last two things are actually becoming more and more popular.

People who don’t want something so permanent will typically get a piercing. Whereas those who have something they really truly want on their bodies forever turn to tattoos. But recently, people have been combining the two. It’s called the Helix Tattoo.

This is a new tattoo trend that is taking over the Instagram world and we have to admit, it looks pretty cool. It might even replace earrings in the near future. It definitely looks much nicer than wearing earrings, at least we think so.

So what exactly is the helix? It’s the thin curved outer part of your ear and more and more people are starting to decorate it.

There are so many different ways to spice up your helix, from flowers, to paw prints to minimalist lines. The list goes on and on.

People are really starting to prefer tattooing it over earrings because you never really have to worry about losing an earring again.

Here are 12 examples of helix tattoos that’ll probably make you start brainstorming what your design will look like. You’re welcome.  

1. If you want to go for a girly, classy look this design is probably something that would be interesting for you. You have to admit, it’s adorable.

2. Attention all dog lovers. If you’re considering a helix tattoo this is the route to go. It’s not only adorable, but it looks pretty cool having paw prints along with your ear.

3. This is the same tattoo as the first one, but here you can see that it’s paired with an earring and we have to say it looks just as good as it did without anything.

4. Looks like this person did a more Gothic look to her helix tattoo and even paired it with a tattoo of red roses on her ear lobe.

5. Too nervous to get your cartilage pierced? We aren’t sure if getting a helix tattoo is any less painful, but it’s for sure easier to maintain.

6. Flower theme helix tattoos seem to be fairly popular. This girl decided to do one in order to match her larger tattoo near her neck. Definitely a matching success.

7.  Not too sure what design this helix is, but it definitely matches the theme that this person was trying to go for. It looks a lot better than multiple cartilage piercings.

8. This girl decided to take earring tattoos a little bit further and glam up her entire ear. But the subtle helix tattoo really adds to the rest of the tattoos.

9. This person decided to get a Helix tattoo that is meaningful to them. It also makes us think that this person is confident and happy in who they are and want to show the people around them.

10. It’s clear that this person doesn’t mind having both tattoos and piercings on their ear, but you have to admit; that the helix adds a little something different to the design.

11. You don’t need to get anything fancy if you want a helix tattoo. Having something simple and cute like this goes such a long way.

12. Continuing with the whole “subtle” look, this girl just did a simple-looking helix tattoo that can almost pass for a cartilage piercing.

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