Dad Snaps Pic Of Daughter With Matthew Broderick, Zooms In Later And Dies Laughing

Spotting a celebrity out in public is always fun, even if you don’t plan on harassing them. However, keeping cool isn’t easy for everyone. Luckily, even if you are starstruck, there is a way to approach a celebrity without being an aggressive jerk. One guy had a hilarious story to share about a time when a friend of his, who is a dad, timidly approached a celebrity for a picture.

The dad was out in his hometown of Montauk, a small town on Long Island, when he spotted the actor Matthew Broderick at a store, who is well-known for playing Ferris Bueller in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Though it started off as a “seeing a movie star scenario” it quickly developed into something much more amazing.

When he realized that he was seeing “Mr. Bueller” himself, the guy sort of panicked, but after sneakily watching Broderick in the store for some time, he worked up the courage to approach him. Luckily, Broderick didn’t fit into the stereotypical mould of celebrities being standoffish and agreed to take a picture with the dude’s daughter.

However, it turns out Matt wasn’t alone in the store, he was with his friend. This friend of his was standing next to him, which inconvenienced the dad who was trying to get a shot of only his daughter and Matt. Being starstruck as he was and focused entirely on Matt, he politely asked his friend to step out of the frame. His friend stepped aside, but not enough to be out of the frame. The dad continued to tell Matt’s friend just a little bit more until it kind of became ridiculous.

In the end, he was far enough for the dad to just crop the guy out later, so he took the photo and left with his daughter and everyone was happy. The dad brought home the photo and showed it to his family. Only then did they realize that the guy that he kept trying to nudge out of the picture was no other than Jerry Seinfeld himself!

Hopefully, one of the most celebrated comedians in the world found the entire ordeal hilarious rather than offensive. And it would appear so; just peep the slightly incredulous look on his face. This might have been the first time ever that Jerry has been slighted like this.

This dude just asked Jerry Seinfeld to get the hell out of his photo because he was ruining his shot of an “actual” celebrity. Excuse me while I die of laughter. Please file this under one of the best things to ever happen.

Dad Snaps Pic Of Daughter With Matthew Broderick

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