Don’t Hate Me, But Record-Setting Cold And Snow Are About To Sweep Across The U.S.

It may be April, which means we’re all expecting spring to bloom, but it might not be time to put away the hats, gloves, and boots yet. Weather services are predicting a wave of record-setting cold weather to blow through the United States, which means snow in April. This is all thanks to a polar vortex moving across the Atlantic.

The Midwest and Northeast United States are expected to get the worst of the record-setting weather during this time according to the National Weather Service, with some cities such as St. Cloud, Minnesota and Madison, Wisconsin getting the worst of it. Record low temperatures for this time of the year were already recorded in both cities, with St. Cloud’s temperature getting down to 0 degrees F.

Minneapolis may be breaking its own record today, with chances that it may experience the coldest day in April ever recorded, according to Ryan Maue, Atlanta Bureau Chief for The cold front produced by the polar vortex is expected to die down as it moves south and east, but may push temperatures in Boston and Washington DC 10 to 30 degrees lower than average.

The record setting cold weather is also expected to turn what could have been rain showers into snowfall, particularly along the East coast.

Even states like Arkansas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma are expected to see freezing temperatures by Sunday, according to the Washington Post. We might have thought winter had given up, but apparently not.

The cold weather has some sever implications for winter wheat crops in the southern plains. Accuweather Senior Agricultural Meteorologist Dale Mohler states that “Twenty-four degrees is a critical temperature for significant damage to wheat in the jointing stage.”

This late winter weather is fairly in line with what has been happening so far this year. The National Weather Service has already said that 2018 saw the coldest first week of the year.

The NWS in Aberdeen, South Dakota also tweeted that a number of record setting cold temperatures had been recorded in several cities, with Aberdeen being the coldest.

Ryan Maue also Tweeted that there will be significant snowfall in certain areas along the northern and eastern United States and Southern Canada.

The record setting cold has been wreaking havoc all over. At least 18 deaths were reported over the cold winter, and Boston saw record high tides. In addition, colder water temperatures in Florida caused a large number of sea turtles to be immobilised, according to the Florida Coastal Conservancy.

Despite the snow and record setting cold weather, temperatures in the rest of the northern hemisphere are expected to be warmer than normal, according to Washington Post weather editor Jason Samenow, who added: “In other words, this pocket of cold in no way refutes or invalidates the planet’s long-term warming trend.”

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